Velimir Kuzmanović, Director at N.T.S. International

Constantly Expanding Portfolio

NTS is a company that has spent more than 15 years creating solutions to support the planning and managing of transport and logistics processes. Operating from five distinct centres, it has more than 50 employees and a strategic plan to expand its market and cooperate with the most successful companies

Our solutions enable the complete visibility of the process in real-time, the planning of processes, tracking the implementation of plans, route optimisation, i.e. the use of transport capacities, communication and remote access to data from vehicles, notes Mr Kuzmanović.

You work in IT solutions for transport and logistics, GPS systems, vehicle tracking etc. How quickly are things changing in these areas? What will the future bring?

– For more than 15 years to date, NTS has been creating solutions to support planning and management processes in transport and logistics. It is a great challenge to be part of such a dynamic branch of the economy as logistics. New technologies, new trends, globalisation and great unpredictability ensure that we must be flexible and work constantly on improving our solutions. With dedicated work, an innovative approach and the knowhow that NTS possesses, we have recorded enduring, healthy and continuous growth in every country in which we operate. Longterm cooperation and partnership relations with clients is what characterises NTS, and that is the path we strive to pursue.

We have no fear of changes and that which lies ahead for us in the future because we are already working proactively on the development of solutions that have yet to be implemented. Our mission is to provide solutions that will increase efficiency and safety in transport and logistics while reducing their harmful impact on the environment, on which we place special emphasis.

What are your most sought-after services? Do they allow your customers to fully manage their fleet of vehicles while gaining insight into costs and all other aspects of fleet usage?

– NTS’s client base includes more than 1,300 companies operating in various sectors, so the portfolio of services is extremely wide-ranging. The demands of the market have long since surpassed mere vehicle tracking, with the focus now having shifted to more complex solutions that imply an all-encompassing service of planning, managing, administering and analysing all aspects of a vehicle fleet. The structure of clients includes companies that deal with international transport, distribution, passenger transport services, production, agriculture, construction, as well as emergency and courier services, security services, the service and public sectors, tourism, financial institutions and the like.

Controlling the use of vehicles and assessing the way they are used, along with financial savings, has a significant preventative impact on safety in transport, but also on reducing its negative impact on the environment. I would like to emphasise in particular the development and improvement of TMS solutions, which represent a complex tool for supporting processes in logistics.

Your company covers Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania etc., while in the end there are also Serbia and Slovenia. How would you evaluate cooperation between these two countries? What is the best bridge between Slovenia and Serbia?

– NTS operates from five hubs: Ljubljana, Belgrade, Banja Luka, Podgorica and Tirana, with a staff of more than 50 employees. We are also present in other European countries and our strategic plan is to expand our market and establish cooperation with the most successful companies, both on the domestic markets and on the EU market.

NTS is certainly one of the bridges that connect Slovenia and Serbia successfully. Within the scope of the company, we exchange know-how and experiences on a daily basis, striving to improve teamwork. Numerous international acknowledgements and shared results are precise consequences of our dedication and togetherness, which are also our main driving force.

Velimir Kuzmanović, Director at N.T.S. International


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