Tijana Jovanović, Director Of Free Zone Svilajnac

Investors Recognise A Good Business Environment

With clear goals and major sacrifices, the Municipality of Svilajnac has spent more than a decade working to strengthen its economy, entice investors and create a favourable climate for local and foreign investors

Our business policy is for us to continue attracting investors and we are open to all companies wanting to launch their production operations at Free Zone Svilajnac – a place that has the most favourable conditions for doing business, says Free Zone Svilajnac Director Tijana Jovanović.

When Free Zone Svilajnac opened 10 years ago, few believed that it would possible to achieve the kind of results that you’ve managed…

We equipped two industrial zones, changed educational profiles, successfully implemented dual education in high schools, created a sufficiently qualified and professional workforce and fulfilled all preconditions to attract local and foreign investors, thereby gaining the status of the economic leader of the Pomoravlje District.

Renowned world brands operate successfully in our zone, but also numerous domestic investors, all of which together ensure that Svilajnac has an economy that’s stable and ever more successful. Testifying to this is the constant growth of economic activity and the foreign trade surplus, which exceeded 15 million dollars in 2020. The number of companies operating under the regime of the free zone is increasing year on year, while existing investors are also expanding their production operations.

What makes Free Zone Svilajnac so unique?

The municipality of Svilajnac has an excellent geostrategic and transport position, located as it is just six kilometres from Pan- European Corridor 10 and Highway E75. It is the only municipality in the Pomoravski District to have established a Free Zone with fiscal, financial and customs incentives and operational benefits. It currently encompasses two functional industrial zones, on an area of around 60 hectares, that are fully equipped in term of infrastructure and utilities.

Dual education is being implemented successfully in our high schools, in accordance with the requirements of the economy and the interests of future students.

Investors also know that they have the full support of the local government, before, during, but also after the launch of their operations in Svilajnac, because the municipal administration is fast, professional and efficient.

Both large and small investors choose their business environment. Which renowned brand was the first to come to Svilajnac and which ones followed that example?

Vossloh-Schwabe is a German company that has spent more than a decade operating in Svilajnac. It is not only the first arrival, but also our biggest partner, because – with around 500 employees – it represents a pillar of the Svilajnac economy. This company recently bought another hectare of land and is planning to relocate its production to Svilajnac. The largest domestic company, Alfa technics, currently has around 300 employees and is constructing another production and business facility, while there is also Italian company S.H.E. Superior Heating Elements (Ariston). This represents one of the most significant investments, both because it is a world-famous brand and because it has expanded on its initial plan and now has a production hall covering more than 4,000m2.

Our new foreign investor is Swiss company Regent lighting, which produces industrial lighting. It has built a 6,000m2 factory and will build the same again in the second phase, while its plan is to have more than 250 employees in the next two years. There is also German company A 2000, which produces electronic components, devices and systems. It bought a hectare of land and built a production plant covering around 1,500m2, while another German company, HDT, built a production plant of about 1,300m2 on the hectare of land that it bought from us, where it will produce electronic measuring instruments.

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By Joschka Fischer / Project Syndicate

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