Svetoslav Atanasov, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia & Montenegro

Beginning Full of Hope and Emerging Dreams

When I was offered the position of the General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia & Montenegro, naturally I was very honoured because the company is giving me such a responsible role. The role to continue with further sustainable growth of the most successful operation in the Hellenic Group

When I was offered the position of the General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia & Montenegro, naturally I was very honoured because the company is giving me such a responsible role. The role to continue with the further sustainable growth of the most successful operation in the Hellenic Group. At the same time, I knew my wife and my two boys, Marin and Kaloyan will be very happy here. During the past few years, we have been visiting Belgrade and we have always had such a great time. Even when we were going to some other destinations, we tried to spend at least one day in Belgrade. No surprise, In Bulgaria we are saying братя сърби, our Serbian brothers, as we have the same mentality.

My first day in Belgrade plant may be determined this feeling I am having even now. When I went into the main building, I met Svetlana, my personal assistant, who welcomed me in a such friendly and in welcoming attitude, the same way she has been doing each and every day since that moment.

My first meeting with my direct reports was just as I expected. Full of big dreams, ideas and shared commitment that together we will secure sustainable growth of this operation. That day gave me a lot of hope that we were going to create something big together.

Listen, I am coming with lots of respect for the Organization – for everything that the Team has achieved so far. Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia&Montenegro has won the Andrew David Cup, an internal award for the most successful operation in the Hellenic Group, three times in a row. Something that no one has done so far. This operation has reached the top level. In order to stay there, we constantly need to re-invent ourselves in every possible aspect! I am always saying we should never stop shooting for more.

We have very well defined and strong strategies for 2018, and we need to make sure that we successfully execute them and deliver our commitments.

A key focus for us needs to be revenue growth, led by single serve, as well as winning in the market. The market is becoming more and more competitive across territories, so we need to stay open and agile and adapt our plans accordingly and fast.

We will continue focusing and investing in developing our people, as well as attracting top talent. We’ll further strengthen our position as a top employer, while further building our organizational capabilities.

We need to continue providing strong beverage portfolio relevant to our consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This would also mean to be even more relevant to our customers. Together with hem, we can further accelerate our joint passion for growth. We’ll further build our revenue growth and strong execution, enabled by our organizational capabilities, customer focus and high engagement.

I am personally a strong believer of the co-creation. Co-creation as philosophy brings different parties together to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome. Therefore, I believe that the roles of our employees, all 1000 of them, is very important. They need to co-create joint value with our customers, suppliers, consumers and the local community. I expect them to stay open, agile, always strive for innovations and constantly develop.

I am coming here to work, to do my best, together with the whole team whose further learning and development will be the focus of my attention. As simple as that. And like for everything else, I will give all my heart. This is my promise, not just to the company itself but to all the people, passionate employees in Coca‑Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro.

So, stay tuned and see how this operation is constantly raising the bar towards one big dream!

“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.


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