Srđan Radić, CEO, Telegroup

Smart Tech: Key To New Normal

TeleGroup is a Balkan based technology company that has invested 21 years in earning the trust of businesses, state institutions and public companies, and which – despite attractive offers – hasn’t changed its ownership structure to this day

The key operational areas-expertise of TeleGroup technological solutions are Intelligent Traffic Systems, Food security, The new Generations of Telecommunications networks, Advanced Technical Security, Cyber Security, Energy Security and Smart Health Solutions.

Your company is celebrating its 21st birthday with fresh energy that is being brought by you personally, among others, as the new CEO. You surely have major plans…

All companies wanting to achieve market success must, first and foremost, find the inner strength to be constantly ready for change. This is no mean feat, given that it requires lots of resources, primarily personnel. Becoming accustomed to living and working in a world of constant change is a prerequisite of success.

As such, innovative companies have a need for personnel who are capable of putting forward changes and ideas. Our company’s 21-year tradition of operations is now continuing under new management, in which the second generation of owners is actively involved. The responsibility upon me, as director of TeleGroup in Serbia, as well as the responsibility of other members of the new management team is to preserve the strong foundations and build furtherly by introducing the advanced technologies that will raise the level of digitalization and automation in all segments of operations.

TeleGroup is focused on Germany, with our direct partnership with German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom having brought us a pillar of support and great development

In which ways your business applications and solutions help companies achieve their full business potential?

Our strength is our excellent command of the fundamental telecommunications infrastructure. The knowhow we use to create services to utilize that very infrastructure in the best possible way.

As society and the world of technology advance, the need increases for ever-more reliable and secure capacities. TeleGroup ensures that all critical systems, of both the telco and public sector, transport and energy industries, function flawlessly and remain protected in these times that are challenging for all. We expect that in future there will be increasingly more activities directed towards modernizing our cities and rural areas. We have projects underway, solutions of our own development. Digital products that enable digitalization making work and life more sustainable, healthier and easier.

Is this the right time to conquer new markets, expand cooperation and acquire new partners?

TeleGroup’s focus is Germany. Direct partnership with German telecommunications giant- Deutsche Telekom brought us a pillar of support and great development. We have been entrusted Fiber optic rollout in the North. The volume of works grows constantly. We employ young and capable people who speak German language and are willing to learn. We currently have more than hundred people on the grounds. We specialize in “Turnkey” services. The ability qualified us to be the first company from the Balkans to work directly with Deutsche Telekom. Having in mind that it is the largest Telco operator in Europe, owning regional telecommunications players in the Balkans as well, it is clear there is plenty for us to do with such a strong partner. ‘Open Balkans’ initiative is symmetrical with our work. TeleGroup is regionally orientated since its inception. It is our strong belief that market consolidation brings greater opportunities and ensures the better flow of goods and services to everyone.

Comment by Zoran Panovic

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