Srđan Bulatović, Corporate Security Director, MPC Properties

Security, A Strategic Function

Besides ensuring procedural compliance and business process efficiency and providing support and protection to all departments and staff, MPC Properties Corporate Security Sector has a number of other responsibilities without which it would not be possible to do business without challenges

The Corporate Security Sector has become especially important during the pandemic. At that time, Mr. Bulatović points out, the focus of the business was to preserve the safety and health of the staff and all stakeholders who are an integral part of a large system like MPC Properties.

What is the task of the Corporate Security Sector in your company, which is unique in many ways? What are the areas you cover?

The task of corporate security is to enable compliance with all procedures and the efficiency of business processes, and to provide support and protection to all company departments and staff in their daily work.

MPC Properties

What makes our sector specific is the fact that it is an integral part of every other sector and process in the company, and we need to understand and see every aspect of the business clearly, from commercial activities, through administration to strategic planning, development and innovation. This is a very complex role, which requires each team member to have knowledge of a range of areas, to be always on standby and to be able to follow changes in market trends at any time. At MPC, the Corporate Security Sector is a strategic function that enables us to preserve business stability and protect our staff, but also the projects themselves.

We have launched the certification process for the WELL Health & Safety standard for eight facilities. We will be the first company in the region to have such an important certificate

One could say that at MPC you value monitoring and applying global standards, practices, procedures and the state-of-the-art achievements…

MPC is the company with the longest and richest expertise when it comes to the development and management of modern shopping destinations and business facilities. For 20 years, we have been introducing the best world practices on the domestic market and setting the regional standard of business in the real estate sector. Our facilities have the highest LEED and BREEAM certificates, and I am especially pleased to point out that we are in the process of certification according to the WELL Health & Safety standard for as many as eight facilities in our portfolio and that we will be the first company in the region to have such an important certificate.

The certification process improves the quality of the buildings and the processes that are integrated into them, which contributes to reducing energy consumption, water consumption and waste, and reduces harmful impact on the environment but also contributes to preserving the collective health of staff and users of the buildings, and makes it easier for us to monitor all systems.

The company’s business success and reputation are rooted in standard physical and technical protection and work on cyber and information security, but also by anti-corruption measures and fraud prevention. Do you deal with that as well?

We cover all these areas and that is why the standards I mentioned are extremely important. They allow us to more easily and simply follow all the changes in our buildings and work processes. It is very challenging to control one large system that connects more than 400 different leaseholders, has its own network of property management services and very complex information security processes. We are in daily contact with representatives of relevant government institutions to ensure that users of all our facilities are maximally protected and safe.

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