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Sonja Šmirmaul, architect, Studio Loft

Loyal To The Class, Not To Trends

For 12 years, Studio Loft architects have been leaving their mark all over the world. From residential villas, through complexes for collective housing and business to hotels and catering establishments, their projects form a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality

As Sonja Šmirimaul explains, the perfect solution and result are achieved by “straining the sensibility of each client through the filter of current trends and technologies”. This – coupled with dedication, expertise, creativity and quality – is the secret to the success of her architecture firm.

You have been hired for residential and commercial projects by some of the top brands and VIP clients. What is it like to work with them?

That’s right, our projects have been built all over the world. The cooperation is wonderful, but also challenging, because each area is characterized by a different climate, a different mentality and sensibility. That is why it is very important for us to move mentally to a certain area during the design process, learn their habits, get to know the standards and trends.

Different materials are used, different styles are appreciated, the pace of life is not the same everywhere, the standards are completely different, and all this affects the architecture and interiors… Everything must be correlated so that the resulting environment is useable, the lifestyle and habits in harmony with the functionality of the space and many other aspects… When you include all this, you arrive at the ideal solution.

Our projects are diverse, from residential villas to collective housing, business premises, hotels, catering facilities and various others. As far as brands are concerned, we always offer our clients the best, and that’s why we have very nice cooperation with many companies that produce tailor-made furniture of modern design and top quality for our clients. Every piece of furniture and every detail is always carefully considered.

It’s easiest to work with people who have a vision, but that’s not always the case. Often clients don’t know what they want, probably because nowadays we all struggle with a lack of time. That’s why they turn to us, because they value both their time and ours. It is not important that the project is just visually correct, but also that it is realized within the agreed deadlines, within the budget and compliant with all our agreements. That’s why we take care of even the smallest detail, so our clients don’t have to worry about anything.

You often point out that every design is different, because every space is special, and the user is even more special. Is that one of your golden rules that you stick to and don’t deviate from?

Not just golden, but of the brightest and most long-lasting gold. We never deviate from this rule because I think it is very important not to impose our own taste on clients, nor strictly follow trends. It is true that we are all different as individuals, so our styles and habits are also special.

Our duty is to establish a balance, to reach a feasible solution within our clients’ financial possibilities and needs

Not everyone likes the same environment and that’s why our task is to pass our clients’ sensibility through the filter of current trends and technologies to arrive at the perfect solution. Fashions are changeable, quality is eternal. We try to leave our personal mark on every project, of course with the client’s consent. Over the years, we have had the same desire: to be recognizable by being loyal to quality and not fashion, and our clients can recognize this.

Do your clients particularly value your complete commitment and responsibility?

Responsibility is not negligible because, when the client trusts you, you are the one who manages his finances in this area of his life. You create an environment for him that he will use every day and that, as we all know, affects his emotional makeup, his productivity and his status in society. Unfortunately, today’s life is characterized by an extremely fast pace of life, which makes people more emotionally attached to their home, much more than before. An apartment, a house, a cottage… these are no longer rooms where we just spend time, it is our intimacy, an oasis of peace and privacy, it is hedonism, a feeling of warmth, coziness and, most importantly, a sense of home, which was lost somewhere in the recent past and which we are struggling to bring back!

Although in every job you try to meet the needs, demands and expectations of the client as much as possible, you and your team manage to give each project a personal and recognizable touch. Not everyone can do that, right?

Clients really appreciate this. That’s exactly why they keep coming back to us. It is not easy to reconcile all the needs and possibilities, that is why we are here to make compromises. Expectations can often be unrealistic or impractical, or exceed the budget. Our task is to establish a balance, to reach a solution that is feasible, both in terms of time and material, within our clients’ financial constraints and needs.

Our goal is to explain the vision of our business to clients, because we all know that not everything is beautiful and functional. This is exactly what gives us added value, because we pay attention to details, to all aspects, to every client, but we also make sure that a space breathes, that it has a soul, that it is functional… It doesn’t make sense to sell a Ferrari in Nepal, does it?

We like to involve clients in the design process, it inspires team spirit and generates fantastic ideas. And finally, the best advertisement is a recommendation. We are extremely proud when new clients come to us and say that they heard about us, saw our projects and want to cooperate. We stick to the rule that what matters is quality, not quantity.

Ivan Rašković, Professor Of The University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Architecture

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