Three Decades Of Successful Operations

One of the leading companies in the country and around the region when it comes to trade in stainless steel materials, engineering and the manufacturing of process equipment, Slovas has celebrated three decades of successful operations and presented its major plans for the future, with its recognisable quality and even better results

Slovas’s story begins on 4th February 1993, when Slobodan Vasilijević embarked, with modest capital and a clear vision, on his own business mission, setting the highest objectives for himself. The company today operates with more than 10,000 customers and has a range of more 24,000 items, with sales throughout the country and around the region. Additionally, as many as 65 small enterprises have developed their operations alongside Slovas and today function as the company’s customers and suppliers. As they point out at Slovas, this represents the perfect recipe for success and the progress of the economy as a whole, with subcontractors provided with the support needed to develop their operations.

Slovas’s core activity is trade in stainless steel/inox and stainless steel materials, such as: sheets, tubes, bars, rods, steel flat bars, “L” profiles, as well as complete basic accessories and additional materials. Apart from trade, Slovas also deals with design activities, the manufacturing of equipment and the execution of works. As stated by the company itself, Slovas has the capacity to produce cutting-edge process equipment for the food, chemical, construction, mechanical and mining industries, as well as all other branches of industry. Its production plant possesses state-of-the-art equipment, which has enabled Slovas to become the absolute market leader and provided the ability to respond effectively to any technical-technological request, thanks to which customers can source both raw materials and finished products in one place.

At Slovas they highlight with pride that their operations utilise the latest generation industrial machinery, as well as the fact that constant investments in the latest industrial equipment, but also in people, have enabled this domestic company to maintain its market leadership position.

Slovas has so far operated successfully for three decades, with each decade having brought with it new challenges, but also new business successes. As pointed out at the company, this year’s anniversary represents the right juncture to construct a new service centre for processing stainless steel materials and to expand the team that already comprises more than 40 employees, including some who’ve been with the company since its very inception. At Slovas they are particularly proud of the fact that the team is being joined by the children of their existing employees, noting that this second generation provides proof that the company has operated in a correct manner and to the satisfaction of employees.

The celebration of the jubilee, held on 5th February 2023 at Čačak’s Morava Hotel, was attended by more than 380 guests from around the world. Business partners and friends of Slovas arrived from as far away as Russia, Germany, Iran, Austria, Switzerland, Egypt, Pakistan, Ukraine, Spain, Great Britain, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Italy, India, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, France, Czechia, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, Qatar and Slovakia.

Great successes also come as a result of excellent business cooperation with many other companies, which is why Slovas utilised this celebration to present plaques commemorating outstanding business cooperation to its business partners. The most loyal workers received appropriate gifts as a sign of gratitude for all the knowhow, energy and dedication that they’ve provided, and will continue to provide, in their jobs.

Among the many guests were His Excellency Rashid Hasanpour, Iranian Ambassador to Serbia, the directors and owners of the largest companies operating in this industry, as well as Čačak Mayor Milun Todorović, who gave a welcome speech and congratulated Slovas on its jubilee.

The Vasilijević family serves as proof that family is the starting point of all successes, but also provides a safe haven after every working day. Slobodan Vasilijević is the father of three children and, as he himself points out, his eldest daughter, Anđela, accompanied him on business trips from an early age and expressed a desire to continue the family business. She is today a successful third-year mechanical engineering student at London’s prestigious Queen Mary University and a brand-ambassador of the Slovas company, having worked successfully on the internationalisation of the company’s trade and services. Slobodan’s younger daughter is also slowly entering the world of business with her father’s advice, while ten-year-old son Vukašin, as the family’s youngest member, has been growing up at Slovas since taking his first steps and will one day continue achieving business success there, together with his sisters.

Finally, it should be noted that Slovas is also a company that has a strong CSR culture and demonstrates its social responsibility through various projects and donations, participating in the improving of living standards and helping the community with the aim of ensuring that we all live a better and higher quality life together.

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