Saša Kostić, Chief Architect, Head of Project Management, Partner, Bureau Cube Partners

Visionaries Change the World

Bureau Cube Partners has been distinguishing itself for 15 years, with its exceptional dedication, understanding of the market and the needs and expectations of each investor, as well as global architectural trends

In addition to essential knowledge and professional engagement, project management requires a lot of skills and abilities to ensure successful realisation – says Bureau Cube Partners’ Saša Kostić. Expertise, efficiency, teamwork and friendly relations ensure successful project management, regardless of the type and scope of work and deadlines. What are the biggest challenges you face?

— There can be no success in this business without teamwork, and there can be no good teamwork without collegiality.

Over the past 15 years, we have built a team that makes us very proud. Nurturing and strengthening a team spirit, efficient teamwork and good communication are crucial to successfully overcoming the challenges that can arise when working on complex and demanding projects. In addition to essential knowledge and professional engagement, project management requires many skills and abilities to ensure successful realisation. While comprehensive expertise, efficiency in work and friendly relations help overcome many challenges, each project also has unforeseen circumstances that everyone faces. The advancement of technology, the increasing use of BIM software and various process monitoring tools contribute significantly to efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors, while allowing the timely identifying and preventing of potential problems.

Bureau Cube Partners distinguishes itself through its exceptional dedication and understanding of the market and the needs of each investor, as well as through global architectural trends. Investors really trust you, which is not so commonplace today.

— Trust is built through continuous work, dedication and consistency in achieving mutually defined goals and results. After 15 years on the market – an anniversary we celebrated recently with employees, investors and collaborators – a series of successfully completed projects, constant progress and innovative solutions, great dedication, immense effort and commitment, we have built a name that’s synonymous with trust.

We are proud of the trust placed in us, without which our work and results would not be achieved at such a high level of quality and creativity

In today’s dynamic business environment, where investor expectations are high, dedication and professionalism are imperatives. Bureau Cube Partners stands out by providing reliable and innovative support to its clients, resulting in successful projects and investor satisfaction. We are proud of the trust placed in us, without which our work and results would not be achieved at a high level of quality and creativity.

Your bureau designed the project for the Srebrnac hotel complex on Kopaonik mountain, which will feature a glass pool extending from the building and supported by two columns. Once again, you have pushed the boundaries and raised the bar?

— Architects have always been visionaries. We bear the responsibility to shape the daily lives of individuals and the society in which we live. Architectural designs must be characterised by creativity if they are to inspire, challenge and enhance our environment. We strive to push boundaries continuously, from project to project, by applying the latest technologies and monitoring global trends and the latest professional knowhow, with the idea of creating sustainable architecture that equally satisfies aesthetic, functional and ecological standards, inspiring future users and creating “places for people and dynamic communities”, while respecting the context in which architecture arises. The unique expression of the Srebrnac hotel complex on Kopaonik is achieved by creating a continuous open environment without sharp transitional elements that disrupt the fluidity of the composition and its immediate elevation from the terrain, using the height differentials present at the location (more than 12,00 metres) and thus creating a direct connection with the natural surroundings.

The building represents a cut into the terrain, forming a new contour line along which part of the terrain “descends”, forming the ground floor level of the building, while the other part rises from the terrain, forming the part of the building housing apartments and accompanying facilities. The floors, with their accentuated horizontals, give the impression of unity with the existing terrain, from the ground floor as a transparent glass cube, through the upper floors, which – with the established rhythm of solid versus void – reduce their occupation on each higher floor up to the recessed floor, making the architectural concept lighter and subtler, yet compact, unique and effective. The courage of our solutions stems from the synergy of understanding the needs of the user and the desire to improve the quality of daily life, but primarily from an immense love for architecture and inventive creation. It is precisely this combination of understanding, passion and courage that enables us to create such spaces that push boundaries.

Project management is one of the key aspects that ensures the success of a project. This process requires an understanding of both artistic and engineering principles, but also market demands, cost management etc.?

— Project management is a complex process that encompasses all aspects of a project, actively participating in all phases from the initial idea to final realisation. This approach allows us to ensure that each project is completed successfully, with the careful monitoring of individual steps and all project phases. The key to success is clearly defined goals and strategies that enable the efficient use of all resources and the best possible coordination of design teams. Risk management, progress assessment and monitoring, and adapting to market changes, are all necessary elements that ensure the project stays on the right track. Effective project management also involves transparent communication with all participants to ensure that all goals and expectations are clearly set. In this way, we can satisfy investor expectations, meet deadlines, and stay within budgets while achieving high standards of quality and innovation in design.

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