Predrag Skoković, Director Of Quality House

Knowledge In The Service Of Testing

Quality House provides software testing services to all companies whose software development teams are facing problems in setting up appropriate test processes and related activities. Quality House is also recognised as a trusted partner when it comes to education in software testing

The mission of increasing professionalism in software testing is very important to Quality House, and we do hope that it will gain even greater momentum. I would personally like to see Quality House becoming synonymous with software testing in the SEE region and (why not?) worldwide as well – explains Quality House Director Predrag Skoković.

Quality House (QH) provides testing services in the region of Southeast Europe. Who are your typical clients?

QH has worked with small teams, as in start-ups, but also with big teams in the fin-tech, telecom or automotive industries. The wide range of business domains that we support requires us to adapt quickly and apply adequate practises in order to mitigate the risks anticipated by our clients.

To achieve all this, members of the Quality House Team, comprising more than a hundred software test consultants, have to improve their knowledge, skills and experience constantly. This is followed by the regular acquiring of certificates in software testing (e.g., ISTQB) and related IT activities.

How did the idea for Quality House Serbia emerge?

It was a combination of events, people and circumstances. The story began in 2009, with my second visit to the SEETEST conference, where I met the founder of Quality House. In all the subsequent years, we have worked together to raise awareness of the necessity of having professional engagements in software testing. With each exchanged email, light chat or deep discussion, we moved a step closer to establishing an entity that would help us spread the word about software testing. It was not a ‘Big Bang’ idea, but an evolutionary process that resulted in the founding of Quality House in Serbia.

We like seeing ourselves changing along with the industry. That fuels growth and success. So, we plan not only to grow our market, but also our service portfolio

You mentioned the SEETEST conference. If I’m correct, this year’s event is the 10th SEETEST?

Yes, we are very proud to be co-organising the 10th SEETEST conference in Belgrade. This conference is regional, which means that it is organised in a different country each year. So, we can say that we were very lucky to have this anniversary held in Serbia this year. QH has been playing a co-organiser role from the very beginning of SEETEST (Southeast European Testing Conference), in harmonic collaboration with SEETB (Southeast European Testing Board). Together, we share the mission of spreading the word about the necessity of professionalising software testing. Giving back to the community is one of my personal drivers when it comes to business, and this is reflected very well in my relationship with QH and SEETB.

You have a rich portfolio of accredited testing courses?

Indeed, we have a rich portfolio of courses, accredited by ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), with which we have Platinum partnership. We pride ourselves on the knowhow and expertise of our lecturers. Many companies from the SEE region and worldwide have trusted us to train their software testing specialists. This gives us the sense that QH is growing together with them.

Predrag Skoković

When it comes to our courses’ portfolio, I would say that the most popular courses over the last couple of years relate to the following syllabus: ISTQB Foundation Level, ISTQB Agile Tester Extension and ISTQB AL Automation Test Engineer.

Could you describe the work culture and values that drive your company? Tell us something more about that…

Our core values are knowledge and commitment to high quality. We aim to create a working culture that enables employees to live these values, through everyday tasks and training. However, we also cherish other aspects of life beyond work itself. This is something that we continuously strive to spread throughout the organisation. Spending quality time with family, friends and relatives, partaking in sports and hobbies, are details that we take care of fully. The pandemic did not influence our way of working, since we have always practised remote work and flexibility, as important aspects of our identity. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible software testing support, and our location does not play a significant role in achieving this.

Flexibility and state-of-the-art results are what we’re strive for in every single project we undertake

Are your knowledge and continuous learning purpose orientated; do they adapt to the client’s established working processes, including the technologies and tools they use?

Continuous learning is necessary to monitor and keep pace with all the trends in the IT sector. Due to major changes in IT, the shifting of technology and processes is also manifested in other business domains. As such, in addition to the technical and technological, we must very quickly adopt our knowledge to various business areas, in order to add value to the development teams we support with our activities.

The training courses that our software test consultants attend aim not only to increase their technical knowledge and skills, but also to provide them with a set of essential soft skills. This is very important to the way we provide our services, through test consultants with a business background.

Can you tell us something about plans for the future of Quality House?

The world is accelerating at an incredible rate, especially on the IT market, driven by demand and outstanding technology that offers so many possibilities. Quality House is surfing the wave of the IT industry’s expansion. We like to see ourselves developing and adapting along with the industry. It is inspiring to think of how much IT has changed over the last 20 years, and also how those changes have reflected on our company. We would like to see more changes like these, more reasons to become even more specialised. That fuels our growth and success. So, we plan not only to grow our market, but also our service portfolio.

Comment by Zoran Panović

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