Porto Montenegro

Boka Place – A New Home Of Luxury And Glamour

Boka Place is the New Adriatic Hotspot for Shopping, Dining and Hospitality, just a few steps away from the buzz of the marina and the glamour of the Yacht Club.

One of the great assets of Boka Place will be the world’s first hotel SIRO – a new hospitality concept created by Kerzner International, the group behind Atlantis and One & Only Resorts. Founded some 15 years ago by a consortium of visionary developers, Porto Montenegro is set in the spectacularly beautiful Bay of Kotor on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. From its historic origins as a naval base, it has been transformed into an exquisite waterfront destination, with low-rise apartment buildings, tree-lined pedestrian boulevards and an array of chic boutiques, restaurants and cafes surrounding a breathtaking superyacht marina.

A gateway to Porto Montenegro’s laidback elegance, our new neighbourhood – Boka Place – is just a few steps away from the buzz of the marina and the glamour of the Yacht Club. Positioned to become one of the Bay of Kotor’s most sought-after locations, it will bring together 45 new retail offerings – from shopping and dining to recreation and entertainment.

A great asset of Boka Place will be the world’s first hotel SIRO – a new hospitality concept created by Kerzner International, the group behind Atlantis and One & Only Resorts. Adding dynamism to the neighbourhood and encouraging a health and fitnessinfused lifestyle for hotel guests and Boka Place residents alike, the 96-room SIRO will feature an exceptional wellness sanctuary and fitness centre. Available to all residents, the immersive lifestyle experience offered by SIRO will redefine the notion of wellbeing.

On completion, Boka Place will feature a total of 213 residences, including studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses, and two- and three-bedroom duplexes. Buyers may choose from a range of SIRO-managed residences or purchase their own private units, with property prices starting from €240,000. Residents will benefit from invitation-only events and exciting summer clubs for children, among other privileges.

The 69 private residences in Boka Place offer exclusive access to their own pool, as well as privileged access to SIRO wellness programmes. Porto Montenegro offers management of these units as part of its bespoke M-Residences rental management scheme, a well-established programme with a proven track record of return on investment. As an added attraction for buyers, Boka Place offers a limited-time deferred payment plan, available until 31st May 2022 – for its private residences. These homes can now be purchased with a 30% upfront payment, with the remaining amount payable upon the building’s completion in 2023 – interest free.

Development of this new neighbourhood continues to gather pace and, for those who decide to become part of the Boka Place journey by investing in a property, it promises to deliver a very solid return on investment – both financially and in terms of an exceptional lifestyle.

But there’s more to this story than attractive real estate. It is very easy to fall under the spell of Boka Bay: it has a special, indefinable magic that goes beyond the spectacular natural surroundings – a serenity that is increasingly valuable, yet ever harder to find, in today’s world. And that makes the prospect of a home in Porto Montenegro hard to resist.

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