Olivera Gvozdenov, Managing Director, Ernst Klett Präsenzlernen Osteuropa Gmbh – Belgrade Branch

Learn and Apply Knowledge in Real Time

The HR business means people, and it practically involves a whole raft of continuous activities related to company growth, organisation development and internal culture

Besides regular processes, new requirements are identified through a focus on the necessary skills, rather than on regular degrees or diplomas, motivational employee experience and defining a company brand that will attract the best talents existing on the market.

What are the key focus areas for Klett DUAL school?

– Our mission is to equip the current and future workforce with relevant knowledge, highly demanded professional technical skills and the valued Mechatronics certificate.

Klett DUAL understands significant investments and efforts by companies aimed at achieving business objectives. Sustaining a presence locally, or expanding the business to new markets, is hardly sustainable without a local workforce.

Our objective is to help companies with production facilities in Serbia and Southeast Europe in satisfying their demand for a trained, high-quality workforce.

Companies do not have enough time or specific technical programmes and didactic equipment to educate, prepare or equip their workforce to operate with minimum additional support. This is where Klett DUAL offers high-quality solutions – to both on-the-spot problem solutions for the maintenance of the Mechatronics systems and the short to mid-term dual education of employees, including future Mechatronics experts training. We work together with the HR and production departments of international and local companies to forge partnerships and define how to address specific needs and achieve goals.

The resulting benefits are numerous and relate to actual business support delivered by HR, employee motivation at the individual and team levels, and, hence, employer branding that’s valuable for current employees, in addition to making the employer desirable for new hires.

Our programmes are developed with German partners and we are officially recognised by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. We can issue certificates on the basis of the Law on Adult Education

How was Mechatronics chosen as the first programme in Klett DUAL School?

– Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary branch that unites mechanical engineering, electronics and informational technologies. Every industrial company that owns production facilities needs to have these specific experts in their teams, not only for everyday work but also to solve technical problems and equip new employees with relevant skills. Serbia clearly has an insufficient number of certified Mechatronics professionals. Our programmes are developed with German partners and we are officially recognised by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. We can issue certificates on the basis of the Law on Adult Education.

What are the requirements for enrolling in Klett DUAL professional courses?

– Participants in the Mechatronics programme should preferably be working in the production facilities of the respective company, working as production operators, maintenance technicians or team leaders. There are no limits regarding age or gender. Demand by employers is focused on required hard or soft skills, rather than a general diploma. However, we are also open to high school graduates and individuals interested in Mechatronics certification, whether they are employed or not. Opening the doors to potential employment-based on pre-agreed criteria with companies is a winning approach for everyone and addresses the long-term workforce development needs in Serbia and on surrounding markets.

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