Solidarity Has No Limits For Mozzart

The regional leader in organising games of chance proves that room for improvement exists in every segment of society

Deciding which area to invest in is a dilemma that often arises on the philanthropic path. World trends dictate a division between the environment, healthcare and education, while companies choose to support only certain cities or provinces, because it’s all but impossible to do everything and reach everywhere. Imagine a athlete competing in all disciplines at the Olympics? For one Serbian company, the motto “it’s important to participate in CSR” has never applied, but rather the slogan – in the game of humanity, we all win.

This is the motivational message that Mozzart, as the regional leader in organising games of chance, has been sending for twenty years to the community in which it has profiled itself as the MVP in the field of social responsibility. It is an assistant to ordinary people, small and large humanitarian organisations, sports teams, all relevant institutions in the state and across all parts of the country.

Humanitarian work is deeply woven into all of its business processes, into every segment of operations. And that work comes from the hearts of employees who themselves devise and implement projects, which is an indicator of the company’s sincere commitment to charitable work. And that has also become part of the Mozzart business strategy – connecting responsibility towards society and the environment with financial success.

Economic Empowerment Of Women

Mozzart, in cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy and the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, has launched a campaign to support women’s entrepreneurship and will award grants totalling 50,000 euros, or 10,000 euros each, to the five unemployed women with the best business ideas.

“People trust us, and they see and appreciate what we do, which is why those who turn to us for help include educators, priests, school directors, hospital administrators, neighbours from the buildings where our establishments are located… They recognise and call us, because they know that we try to help as quickly as we’re able, in accordance with the possibilities. There is practically no relevant institution in the state and society that we haven’t cooperated with – we organise actions with the ministries of health, defence, education, labour and internal affairs, university rectorates, the Coordination Body for Gender Equality etc. Room for improvement exists in every segment of society, and we strive to invest part of our profits in the community and to help those who need it the most,” explains Mozzart’s Corporate Communications Director, Borjan Popović.

1.5 million euros in donations during the epidemic

This reputable company leaves its socially responsible heart on the pitch, or on each of the “hundred pitches for one game” that it is building (88 to date throughout Serbia and Republika Srpska), giving a chance for celebrities to use their betting tip for the “Humanitarian Ticket at Noon” to direct Mozzart’s financial assistance towards those who need it the most (with more than 20 million dinars donated to date).

Through the CSR action “New jerseys for new champions”, equipment for local clubs in less populated areas arrives every week (more than 200 teams, or equipment for 6,000 athletes). Mozzart has spent years supporting the biggest clubs and federations, but this summer it became the great reinforcement for Serbian Superliga clubs nationwide (Spartak, Vojvodina, Radnički 1923)… Apart from Belgrade, Mozzart has launched its Free Schools of Sports for Children in Niš, Novi Sad and Aranđelovac, under the slogan “talent has no price”.

For Mozzart, solidarity also has no price, and no limits. Even in the “bubble” of the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, this company not only continued helping the community, but did so more than ever before, through donations with a total value of 1.5 million euros (respirators, beds for intensive care units, essential equipment, financial injections for hospitals, fruit packages for medics). In recognition of its efforts in the struggle against the pandemic, and particularly the personal engagements of employees who volunteered during the state of emergency and helped the most endangered citizens, the company received an award from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Mozzart allocated around a million dinars for its New Year’s gift packages and donate them across Serbia, from Sombor to Kuršumlija, from Sombor to Kursumlija, while the spreading of the holiday cheer and spirit of solidarity continued with the humanitarian theatre play “Balkan Spy”, which has been watched by more than 300,000 people worldwide. A hitherto never assembled cast of Kovačević’s spy – comprising Dragan Bjelogrlić, Mima Karadžić, Vesna Trivalić, Branka Katić and Gordan Kičić – excelled in the first zoom play in Europe, while Zoran Kesić, as narrator, brought more laughter in the action “Actors and Mozzart for you and actors”. Everyone involved waived their fees, just so the amount of the donation would be even higher, and its sharing raised 3.5 million dinars to help the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia.

Free sports schools throughout Serbia

Thinks locally and acts globally… Its CSR activities spread across all markets where it is active, so “New Jerseys” are being donated throughout the region, gender equality is promoted through the “Stop Violence Against Women” project, while wells are being established in Kenya to provide drinking water in less populated areas. Mozzart listens to the needs of the local population, who increasingly turn to this company for help. And not just during the wave of the pandemic.

During Serbia’s recent heatwave, the Pančevo General Hospital Children’s Ward found itself in dire need of air conditioning units, and this company responded to the request immediately by donating cooling systems. Such swift reactions, and the solving of burning issues, are vital for many health institutions throughout Serbia, especially during periods of epidemics. But they are a regular CSR activity for Mozzart, which this year alone has provided donations to other major children’s hospitals around the country, providing incubators, medical equipment and financial assistance to the Niš, Višegradska and Tiršova clinical centres, as well as New Belgrade’s Dr Vukan Čupić Institute for Mother and Child Health.

Switching from health to the environment – Mozzart has installed the “Skycleaner” innovative air purifier in Belgrade city centre, which prevents emissions of harmful gases and spreads eco-messages about environmental protection. Campaigns to clean neighbourhoods, plant trees and hand out canvas bags as a replacement for plastic carrier bags on markets across the country represent other parts of the company’s CSR mosaic that’s being put together by employees, in an effort to raise environmental awareness among citizens.

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