Dedication To Sustainable Development As A Permanent Commitment

From promoting healthy nutrition and ecological issues, to providing direct support to partners from the entire community who are committed to achieving sustainable development goals – Mlekoprodukt is a company that directs a large part of its activities towards protecting the environment and promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Biser Nutri Academy is one of the central forms of support for a healthy lifestyle, and particularly for proper nutrition as the basis for children’s health. This CSR project was initially envisaged as a caravan of healthy nutrition that tours towns and cities in Serbia and, under the hashtag and motto #PositiveFood, promotes sound nutritional habits through the guest appearances of experts, professional chefs and public figures.

During the pandemic, the Biser Nutri Academy was adapted to the format of a very successful online show that teaches youngsters about the benefits of a healthy diet and healthy living generally. And the Biser Nutri Academy project recently continued with the filming of three shows at three different locations: in a vegetable garden; on a dairy farm; and in the natural surroundings of the beautiful banks of the River Tisza. The filming also included the participation of the children of Mlekoprodukt employees, while the shows demonstrated the entire cycle of food production and consumption, placing an emphasis on sustainable production.

Another campaign aimed at promoting a healthy, sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle has been announced for the week of 16th to 22nd September. Specifically, the Sustainable Transport of Employees action will be implemented, with the aim of encouraging modes of transport that represent an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of individual cars. Mlekoprodukt employees will, thus, be encouraged to ride bicycles and scooters, use public transport, walk or practise car sharing with colleagues, and each kilometre “saved” in this way will be recorded and added up upon completion of the campaign. This action will be implemented and promoted under the hashtag #MobilityChallenge, and under the international slogan Move Sustainably. Stay Healthy at the level of the Savencia Fromage & Dairy Group.

Mlekoprodukt has recognised recreational and sporting activities as being among the main ways to preserve health, as proven by the company’s continuous support for the Zrenjanin Marathon.

Upon the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mlekoprodukt decided to contribute fully to combating this global problem. Alongside the introduction of strict epidemiological measures within the framework of the company, the Mlekoprodukt team also represented an exceptional example of how to behave responsibly and humanely while working under these extraordinary conditions. In addition to this, the company also provided an important contribution to the struggle against the pandemic by donating a PCR device for processing COVID-19 tests to the Zrenjanin Institute of Public Health.

Ethical operations represent an extremely important pillar of Mlekoprodukt’s work. This company is greatly committed to corporate social responsibility, which also represents a permanent strategic commitment of the Savencia Fromage & Dairy Group. And a very significant acknowledgement of the company’s ethical operations came in March this year, when – under the auspices of the CSR Forum conference held in Belgrade – Mlekoprodukt was recognised as one of Serbia’s most important donors of food. This occasion saw thanks given to donors of food for their contribution to combating hunger and poverty, as well as to the achieving of the sustainable development goals.

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