Miroslav Vraneš, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

Real Transformation

This year’s DELL TECHNOLOGIES forum was held in Belgrade on 12th November under the title ‘REAL TRANSFORMATION’. Our interviewee is Miroslav Vraneš, the Account Executive who opened the event and spoke about the importance of Dell Technologies as a global leader in the field of digital transformation

Information technology has long been a support for and the basis of business itself, and at present no business operations can be imagined without a serious IT environment, which currently propels business forward, representing a driving force, changing the very essence of some profession and enabling a comparative advantage regardless of the industry in question. Also testifiying to this is the fact that an every increasing number of general manegers have emerged from the IT environment.

The IT sector launches new ideas, whicch is why the strides you make are large. Are we still awaiting truly revolutionary achievements?

IT environment, business processes and models towards the Cloud environment. This is today a reality, and on this wave we are opening a new chapter that we call digital transformation.

Each of us accesses various Cloud platforms on a daily basis – AWS, Google, Office 365, Sales Force, VirtuStream etc. The 5G network is also being implemented, which will increase the resource possibilites of the complete environment significantly … seemingly unrelated concepts, artificial intelligence, smart phones, the Internet of Things, virtual reality and edge devices have many common components, the most important of which is perhaps “information”, or data itself.

The most important “assets” of every corporation are its people, who are those that enable the complete movement of operations, development, strategy etc. The second component in terms of importance is certainly data. Current technology enables us to generate, collect, transmit, manipulate and analyse data itself more than ever before.

A company that losts its data would not be able to recover from such a loss. How would the market and users react; how would competition take advantage of this new situation?

Technological modernisation is integrated into all industries that today cannot imagine their operations without the help of information technology. Everything is IT and IT is everything!

Is the IT sector among the key drivers of Serbia’s economic development?

The modernisation of human society is something happening faster today than at any historical juncture, and it will progress ever faster… let’s just look at the possibilities of smartphones today compared to a few years ago.

Man is the initiator of all modernisation; it is man who gives both the initial impulse and represents the ultimate goal. We at Dell Technologies are ready; we monitor but also create some trends. Dell Technologies has products that professionals can use in an office environment, from restaurants or cafes, at oil wells, while on holiday, whether you’re a top engineer, business user, freelancer, moulder or TV producer…

The security and flows of dana are a particular branch on which we place great importance. Today’s interconnectivity and flows between all systems require special attention from all participants, to counter the possibility of software attacks from data centres themselves on individual users, who are generally more “vulnerable”.

The transformation and development of new applications provide us with the opportunity to create new commercial services, as well as additional personalisation. Such a possibility of our dynamic environment provides us with considerable flexibility towards our clients and simultaneously represents a comparative advantage over our competitors.

Transitioning to the Cloud demanded certain resources, in terms of human time and material resources. Digital transformation is a journey that requires certain turnarounds in the current environment. On such a journey, it is necessary to make a good choice of partners who also become strategic partners in order for the journey itself to be simplified and accelerated.

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