Miro Mijić, Founding Director And Owner, Trezor Volga

Three Decades Of Dedicated Work

Trezor Volga is a Serbian company that is celebrating 30 years of successful operations this year. It has grown from a small family business which initially dealt exclusively with firefighting equipment to become one of the leaders in the distribution of personal protective equipment, fire & rescue equipment, and environmental protection equipment

This company’s foundations of healthy and successful business relations are built on the nurture and advancement of its business culture, identity, positive image and, first and foremost, maintaining a good reputation in business. Throughout the years, Trezor Volga has persevered in this journey thanks to a great team of people who are dedicated to their work, who love taking on challenges, and love learning and progressing.

A full 30 years have elapsed since the founding of your company. Are you proud when you think about how you, as a very young man, dared to launch a company that has gone on to become a major importer and distributor?

Yes, I’m very proud of everything we’ve achieved, because it really was a bold move in those years that were difficult for all of us and difficult for the country. I come from a family of merchants; trade is somehow in my genes, and alongside that I also loved geography, international cooperation and travel. So, with the little experience I had already acquired in selling protective firefighting equipment through working in the student service, I decided to enter this business. I had a strong desire, which was apparently crucial to the company’s success.

Private business was still in its infancy back then, so we overcame the obstacles gradually, step by step, just as we expanded our range gradually. Our development began from the moment conditions for international cooperation were created after the year 2000.

It was at that moment that we received a tailwind in the form of our biggest and most challenging contract, with U.S. Steel, which we wholly supplied with workplace safety equipment. That contract and operation provided an important confirmation of the quality of the service we provide and our mission to make professional and reliable relations the basis of our success and further development.

In your line of work, it is very important to monitor trends and insist on superior quality. Are you succeeding in that?

Our portfolio and the number of products we offer grows year on year, because we monitor trends and strive to provide our market with the kind of equipment that’s being used in the field of workplace safety on the global market. This implies excellent familiarity with products and the constant education and training of employees, because in addition to supplying protective equipment, we provide our clients with complete support, consultations, training, etc.

Our portfolio and the number of products we offer grows year on year, because we monitor trends and strive to provide our market with the kind of equipment that’s being used in the field of workplace safety on the global market

We are delighted that evermore attention is being paid to protective equipment, that regulations and standards are being respected, and that there’s rising awareness of the importance of prevention in protecting employees’ health and safety. Testifying to this is the fact that injuries at work are becoming ever rarer, as well as the fact that the number of new companies and industries using protective equipment is on the rise.

How difficult is it to make plans today?

Honestly, when I look back, I wouldn’t say we’ve ever had a long period of business environment stability, because somehow there’s been a constant shifting between difficult years and years of crisis, so we accept the current events unfolding on the international market in the same way. These are all challenges that confront us, but it is my personal conviction that success is a result of knowledge, continuous work and advancement, but primarily faith in one’s own abilities and potential, regardless of the environment.

With the support and understanding of employees, all goals are achievable. Finally, after 30 years of successful operations, the entrepreneurial spirit is still restless. New technologies and innovations are also present in the production of personal protective equipment. There is great potential for further development and, accordingly, there are ideas and plans to improve the business, which implies expanding operations to segments in which we haven’t been present to date.

Comment by Zoran Panović

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