Milan Damjanović, Director of Kosjerka S.P.T.R.

Tradition Nurtured With Love

How an old recipe led to the creation of a top product – KRUNSKA rakija brandy. The Damjanović family tradition of distilling this brandy dates back over a century

Plum, quince and apricot brandies are made exclusively from fruits grown in Western Serbia, from the Kosjerje region, while the bottles are produced in Verona. Quality and modern design have become synonymous with KRUNSKA.

The tradition nurtured by your company for generations has become synonymous with the top quality product that is KRUNSKA brandy, which was primarily created out of a love for tradition and the region… What are KRUNSKA’s characteristics?

This brandy originates from Kosjerić, Western Serbia; a region that’s always been known for its good brandies. The Damjanović family tradition of producing this brandy dates back over a century and that tradition is today continued by Milan Damjanović, who learned the roasting recipe from his father Miloje, who in turn learned from his ancestors. That’s how Miloje Damjanović decided to continue this tradition dating back many decades and to offer the market his brandy.

Krunska rakija today has three varieties of fruit brandy: plum, apricot and quince. All three are winners of multiple quality awards. In addition to the consistent quality of its products, Krunska rakija also distinguishes itself on the market with its characteristic modern packaging.

In the production process we exclusively use fruits from Western Serbia, while plums come only from the Kosjerje region, and those are only the best quality fruits, whether that’s plum, quince or apricot. With double distillation, we produce brandy of exceptional quality that is left to age in oak and chrome barrels, before being later extracted and placed on the market. The bottles used for our brandy are produced in Italy, specifically at the Vetri Speciali factory in Verona, using extremely high-quality glass and our protected mould.

We are particularly proud of the fact that our brandy is produced exclusively, in a traditional way, in copper tanks, with wood used exclusively as the fuel.

To what extent have foreign markets recognised KRUNSKA’s quality?

We export our brandies to Australia and Austria. We previously also exported to France and are currently in the process of renewing sales in this country. This coming autumn we expect to launch cooperation with German and Bulgarian distributors. The international market has recognised the quality of Krunska rakija brandy and we hope to expand our exports to other countries. Our plan is to expand our production capacity, because demand for our brandy is constantly increasing.

Novi Sad Fair

  • 2012. Krunska plum – silver medal
  • 2013. Krunska plum – silver medal
  • 2013. Krunska quince – silver medal
  • 2017. Krunska quince – gold medal
  • 2017. Krunska plum – silver medal
Rakija Fest Belgrade

  • 2011. Krunska plum – silver medal
  • 2012. Krunska plum – silver medal
  • 2013. Krunska plum – silver medal
  • 2014. Krunska apricot – silver medal
  • 2014 Krunska plum – silver meda
Festival Užice

  • 2016. Krunska apricot – gold medal
  • 2016. Krunska plum – silver medal
  • 2017. Krunska apricot and quince – silver medal
  • 2017. Krunska plum – gold medal

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