Marija Kosanović, HR Manager, Gebrüder Weiss d.o.o

We Owe Our Success To Our Staff

Despite the challenges, Gebrüder Weiss Serbia has completed the past two business years successfully. They have managed to expand their business and increase the number of employees, giving a big accent on staff development and education

Gebrüder Weiss Serbia is included in the dual education program. Every year, five best pupils from the Traffic and Technical School in Zemun, have practical classes in the company and after graduation a job opportunity waits for them.

The pandemic has given special importance to the logistics and transport industry, but it has also put you in front of a lot of temptations and challenges. In that sense, how do you assess the last two years?

In the last two years the whole world has found itself in unusual circumstances and there is not an industry that has not faced smaller or bigger challenges. Finding solutions, adjustment of the processes and in the end the survival of the business mainly depended on previous experiences, work methods, availability, and advancement of existing technologies.

I can certify that it is possible to quickly adjust to different circumstances, to find functional solutions, grow and develop no matter of the challenges in front of us. In our case, the numbers speak for themselves, and despite of the challenges, we have successfully finished both business years, we expanded our business, and on the other hand we increase the number of employees, emphasized the importance of development and education, improved the working environment, took care of our employees and their health, satisfaction, and overall engagement.

Satisfied staff, a positive working environment, good working conditions, the opportunity for growth and development, these are the basics in the fight for talent on the market

Staff demand in your industry is constantly growing worldwide, giving candidates the opportunity to choose an employer. How do you reconcile the expectations of both sides? What do you offer and what do you expect?

The labor market is changing constantly. Not only due and during the pandemic but it has been the last ten years. Generation change is happening, new opportunities and markets are arising as well as new jobs. Transport and logistics in that sense follows the trends and changes, but despite all the technological improvements and digitalization in business processes, there are still some positions that are in some way still traditional and the man is still the center of events. Having that in mind, we are very people orientated and we strive to respond and fulfill their needs, how we could achieve company goals. Happy employees, positive work environment, good working conditions and the possibility to grow and develop represent the basis for our fight for talents if the market. We recognize that and act with that.

You are constantly introducing new services. Does that mean that your staffing structure is changing, that there is more need for experts who will be focused on finding solutions that can fully meet client’s expectations?

One of the company values is service excellence and for us that means that the client is in the center of all our business processes. We owe our success to our educated and professional colleagues, who have a vision, are innovative and focused on finding solutions. We will continue to go in that way, and in our company their opportunity can find young, innovative, educated, unexperienced but with great ideas people, as well as experienced people, from the same or similar industries. I would like to emphasize that our company is included in the dual education program in which we cooperate with the Traffic and Technical School in Zemun. Every year 5 pupils have practical classes in our company, and after graduation a job opportunity at Gebrüder Weiss awaits them.

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