Marija Glođović, Business Development Manager at Exclusive Networks d.o.o.

Encouraging Transformation, Guaranteeing Security

Exclusive Networks is a globally recognised cybersecurity and digital infrastructure specialist. Here its business development manager, Marija Glođović, reveals for CorD Magazine precisely why Exclusive Networks is among the largest distributors in the CEE region, what the most important solutions in the company’s portfolio are, and the kinds of cyber challenges that are facing companies in Serbia

I t was almost two years ago that Exclusive Networks expanded its influence across the region, which it achieved through its acquisition of company Veracomp. Exclusive Networks’ portfolio predominantly contains cybersecurity solutions – emphasises Exclusive Networks Serbia’s Business Development Manager, Marija Glođović.

What is the key to Exclusive Networks’ success? What is the company’s focus when it comes to the solutions and services that you offer?

The company has recorded constant growth, both globally and locally, since we became a publicly traded company. We are focused on expanding our network of partners and improving our relations with existing suppliers, but also providing a superior service.

We try to deliver the best and latest solutions. Our aim is to encourage further digital transformation.

How do global cyber trends impact on the Serbian market? What are the advantages and challenges of the accelerated digital transformation of enterprises in Serbia?

Global trends, in the context of cyber trends, are clearly reflected on the Serbian market and those of the region. Apart from labour force shortages, another important problem confronting companies is the lengthy wait for the delivery of services and products. Employees are overburdened by the increased demand for productivity that digital transformation has led to. Digitalisation further increases the complexity of networks and makes it even harder to detect cyber threats. This means that the overall level of security is decreasing, and that there is an increasing need for personnel who are able to deal with cyber threats effectively. For Exclusive Networks, this situation has provided growth through the delivery of top services to our clients. Thanks to a global logistics network, we are able to resolve supply problems successfully. We monitor the needs of our partners and users, know the current and upcoming technological trends, and deliver superior solutions that encourage further transformation, but also guarantee security.

What are the advantages of the solutions that are provided by Exclusive Networks and in which fields are they applied?

Exclusive Networks is a digital infrastructure and cybersecurity specialist, which means that our portfolio contains data protection solutions and solutions to defend against cyber-attacks, protect IoT devices, construct data centres etc. I must highlight that our operational success isn’t only a result of top-notch solutions, but also the level of service we provide and relations with our partners. We offer assistance in sales and implementation, and provide our partners with continuous support at every step. The solutions contained in our portfolio are able to respond to a wide array of problems that confront companies throughout Serbia and the region. That can relate to data storage, identity protection or network protection.

You mentioned the continuous support that you provide to partners at every step. What are those steps?

At the global level, Exclusive Networks has a large number of engineers, which is something we’re also striving to replicate here in Serbia. Our presales engineers remain available to partners throughout the entire process, from the procurement of solutions to their implementation.

As a certified training centre, Exclusive Networks also supports its partners through instruction and certified training courses, such as Fortinet’s NSE [Network Security Expert] training. With these certified training courses, partners will more easily master technical skills like configuration and orchestration, but will also learn to use solutions that contribute to protecting their company. Exclusive Networks is a Value-Added Distributor, which means that we provide partners with added value through marketing support and presales activities.

Which solutions in the Exclusive Networks portfolio would you highlight in particular?

It is thanks precisely to its vast experience in the security sector and its large ecosystem of partners that Exclusive Networks is deservedly one of the largest distributors of Fortinet solutions at the global level. Fortinet is among the world’s leading cybersecurity companies and has, according to IT industry experts and analysts, held leading positions for years.

It is thanks precisely to its vast experience in the security sector and its large ecosystem of partners that Exclusive Networks is deservedly one of the largest distributors of Fortinet solutions at the global level

The partnership between Exclusive Networks and Fortinet aims to help enterprises adopt digital transformation and respond to cybersecurity challenges more easily.

How do you view the future when it comes to cybersecurity threats? Is the Serbian market conscious of the threats and challenges brought by digital transformation?

The number of cybersecurity threats is increasing on a daily basis. Companies are confronted by the issue of ever-fewer employees, while digitalisation increases complexity, increases the number of control points… Let’s mention Fortinet, which has a portfolio that offers a wide array of products, starting with end-point solutions, via nextgeneration firewall solutions and switches, to access point and SD-WAN solutions.

When it comes to Serbia, the market is more than ready for these solutions. I would emphasise in particular that people in the SME segment are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protection, especially data protection.

What distinguishes the solutions that you’ve cited from other similar products on the market?

It is common knowledge that companies rely mostly on a multitude of different manufacturers and security solutions in order to protect themselves. However, such an approach complicates management and leads to security shortcomings. The aforementioned Fortinet has responded to these challenges by developing the Security Fabric platform, which is a more cost-effective solution over the long run, as it reduces the management costs that come with having a wide range of isolated solutions. Fortinet Security Fabric overcomes the challenges represented by complex and distributed networks. In developing its solutions, Fortinet applies the latest network protection technologies, which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In simple terms, Fortinet provides its users with protection against threats both known and unknown.

What has 2023 brought us in the context of cybersecurity?

We last year witnessed a record number of cyber-attacks targeting domestic companies and state institutions. For example, many points of cyber infrastructure in Serbia were hit by DDoS attacks at the end of 2022. There is no lack of such challenges across the region either, where companies are also focused on adapting to new business models. It is clear that digitalisation in general creates security shortfalls, and that attackers are ready to take advantage of those shortfalls. Companies will increasingly need to consider protecting their under-protected digital infrastructure, if they haven’t done so already. The trend of adopting hybrid working models will also continue, and the number of cyber-attacks will rise with it. As a global cybersecurity specialist, Exclusive Networks will continue to help its partners and clients to tackle such challenges.

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