Many Exceptional Women Have Yet To Shine With Full Splendour

What Is The Position Of Women In Serbian Business?

According to Statista, Serbia is currently in 21st place in terms of the proportion of women in leading positions, better than Germany but far behind the Nordic countries. Behind these differences are many similar stories about what hinders women’s progress. We spoke with presidents of the mixed chambers of commerce in Serbia, who shared their experiences.

As early as 2019, research by IBM showed that improving the position of women in business is not a priority for companies around the world, and that the gender gap in leadership is likely to last until 2073 without suitable initiatives at corporate level. Despite this gloomy prognosis, the last 10 years have seen an increasing gender balance for women in the field of economic decision-making, but from a low basis. Unfortunately, even this modest improvement was not accompanied by equally positive changes in the gender pay gap. We took the opportunity to ask women who hold important positions in society and the business community why the gender gap is so difficult to bridge.

Doris Danilović, Deputy Director, German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Mutual Support Is Extremely Important

There is a growing trend in the number of women in high positions, which is an excellent sign, but it is still important to...

Vera Nikolić Dimić, Executive Director, AmCham

Discrimination With A Ribbon

The differences between women and men are equally present, they are just less visible and more subtly expressed, and prejudices are everywhere among us There...

Sanja Ivanić, General Director, CCFS

Women Run Sectors With Less Power And Money

In positions of power, the division of roles and men’s advantage is still very visible - this is especially expressed in the management structure...

Marija Radulović, President Of The Croatian Business Club

Fathers And Mothers Should Take Equal Care Of Their Children

Last year, the Croatian Business Club encouraged the use of parental leave by fathers as a contribution to fostering gender awareness A large body of...

Iva Petrović, Executive Director Of The Nordic Business Alliance

We Need More Women In Leadership Positions

Four Nordic countries are at the very top in respecting gender equality, but more generally, the next generation of women will have to wait...

Danijela Fišakov, President Of The Slovenian Business Club

Equal Pay Is A Difficult Goal

There is no longer any area of management in which women have not proven at least their equality with colleagues but are not paid...