Ivan Crnojević, CEO, ELMED d.o.o.

ELMED – We can do more

The future belongs to modern, innovative companies that carefully plan and strategically manage their business. For this reason, Elmed doo in Temerin, winner of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Award for Special Contributions to the Development of the Economy of the South Bačka District, is constantly working on innovation

Our mission is to constantly adopt new knowledge, continuously raise the quality of our products and services and create specific solutions tailored to specific needs, solutions that will help our customers achieve their goals and improve their business ~ says Elmed’s Leading man.

Elmed has been market leader in industrial marking for 32 years. How do you ensure continuity and continuous progress? Dedication, work, innovation and continuous business improvement?

Our story began exactly 32 years ago, back in 1990, when Serbia was going through an extremely difficult period. In moments of great business challenges, we started our business as a small company with a dozen staff, but that number increased from year to year.

Thanks to constant improvement of product quality and business processes, expanding the range and introducing new items to the market, and innovative and modern product design, we have seen constant improvement in our business results. With the dedication and commitment of all of our staff, with the support of management and our founders, guided by a good idea and a strong desire and vision for the future, we have achieved the dream of developing a company that will become a market leader in product labelling and traceability.

Your team is noted for its creative ideas, security and reliability, as well as 24/7 support … Is this what your customers especially appreciate and value?

The basic commitment of the company’s management is sustainable long-term business based on the development, sale, production and service of industrial coding systems, product inspection and traceability, self-adhesive labels, electromechanical systems and integrated hardware and software solutions in the field of industrial marking and warehousing.

We are grateful to our partners, clients and staff, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning. Business success is reflected in trust, respect, hard work and mutual commitment

We operate in conditions that ensure the provision of quality products and services with the protection of health and safety at work, environmental protection, information security, business continuity and socially responsible business. Our clients appreciate all that, but also our commitment, reliability, security, and especially the fact that they can always rely on us because we are always there for them, for their wishes, needs and expectations.

Speaking of clients, we can’t help but ask who they are … Who are your clients, in which industries are you present, which markets do you cover?

We have many clients among renowned companies with whom we have been cooperating for many years, and with some for decades. Working on large and challenging projects for clients, many of which are considered the best in their sectors, has brought us immeasurable experience in the field of beverage and food production, recognition in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, cosmetics and personal care, printing, the tobacco industry, construction materials, extrusions, cables and wires, electrical components, automotive, defence and the metal industry.

We are grateful to our partners, clients and staff, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning. Business success is reflected in mutual trust, respect, hard work and mutual commitment. Success is maintaining continuity and continuous progress in business for 32 years. We have achieved that and we are moving on.

You are involved in a dual education programme because you have recognised the importance of practical learning. Will you continue that in the new 2022/23 school year? Are young people from Temerin interested in working for Elmed?

We joined the dual education programme in the 2020/2021 school year, because we recognise the importance of practical learning. We plan to continue with the programme in the next school year. Students come to us from our local high school Lukijan Mušicki to join our Machining Operator department.

We had the opportunity this year to cooperate with the Faculty of Technical Sciences and be one of the sponsors of an exceptional student competition in robotics – EUROBOT. Our plan is to open up more to students and enable student internships for mechatronics, robotics, software engineers, and I hope that we will be able to fulfil that by the beginning of the next school year.

We have just begun a third year of living and working under difficult circumstances. How do you deal with the challenges?

At first, I did not expect that the whole world would be affected by the coronavirus, but as soon as Covid-19 arrived in Serbia, we put in place all the protection measures throughout the company, organised remote work and online meetings. For the staff of the manufacturing sector, whose presence at work is crucial, we organised work in shifts to provide them with full security. In the meantime, we introduced 24-hour psychological support and help, which has proven to be a great move, because we know that solidarity and compassion are shown in such difficult moments.

We plan to continue with the dual education programme and start with student internships next school year, because we recognise the importance of practical learning

This is exactly what every individual, and even the company, needs in all difficult times, in all crises, such as the one we are experiencing due to the war in Ukraine. It is difficult because no-one knows when the war will end or when the inflation that the whole world is struggling with will stop, but we will deal with the challenges as best as we can. And we know we can.

You recently received recognition from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for your special contribution to the development of the economy of the South Bačka District! Congratulations!

Thanks for the congratulations! This is a recognition that the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the South Bačka District awards to companies and business leaders who have distinguished themselves with their work, dedication and results in 2021. At the beginning of June, the recognition was handed to us by the director of the RCC of the Južnobački administrative district, Olivera Simović. We are proud to be the recipients of such an important award, especially because our commitment to work and innovation on the industrial marking market has been recognised. We believe that, with constant work on the improvement of business, we can do more, as our slogan says!

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