Janko Anđelić, Sales Director SEE, Ingram Micro

We Step Into Our Partners’ Shoes

Ingram Micro doo Belgrade is a Value Add Distributor, which means that it provides additional services to its partners and their customers – from assistance in the process of selection and testing of IT solution to its final configuration, integration into the enterprise IT infrastructure and after-sales services

Customized approach has become our trademark, we dedicate ourselves to each partner, to every single business or offering, we are stepping into our partners’ shoes to understand their challenges and find an optimal solution to these challenges, as Janko Anđelić explains the secret to success of Ingram Micro.

Ingram Micro is known as “alue Add Distributor”. What does this say about your company? Is this an important reference within your industry?

“Value Add Distributor” means that we provide additional services to partners and their customers – from assistance in the process of selection and testing of IT solution to its final configuration, integration into the enterprise IT infrastructure and after-sales services. 

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Today, all major actors are striving to develop into VAD, because it is no longer just a desire for additional profit, but also a must because of increasingly demanding users who want to get more for their money than just having their equipment or software delivered.

They pay to upgrade their IT infrastructure and solve specific business issues, so they would like to know in advance what effect they will get from investing in IT technologies. The VAD-distributor becomes a kind of advanced IT hypermarket, where you can not only buy a large number of IT solutions from different vendors, but also „try them out“ for a specific business. In order to do this, the distributor should have good and equipped testing centres – demo booths, labs equipped with the latest software and hardware platforms, as well as qualified personnel who can assist in the selection of IT systems and their testing.

Value added distribution is the ability to provide the necessary service for successful project implementation

Ingram Micro focuses on the integrated approach. For some people, VAD is standing for additional technical services, but under this term we imply all the necessary assistance for successful project realization and full support to our partners businesses. Including financial services, logistics, marketing, the ability to select the right product from our wide portfolio of IT solutions on the market, as well as assistance by technical experts and other professionals from our or equipment manufacturer companies.

Value added distribution is the ability to provide the necessary service for successful project implementation. The volume of our product portfolio enables us to offer add-ons based on the solutions of more than 30 popular brands, while our partners network enables us to attract two thousand companies across the SEE NON EU. In other words, we are positioning ourselves as VAD distributor and this applies to all our vendors and partners.

What else do your partners and clients expect from you in addition to customized approach and powerful logistics? Do they expect you to add value to their product or service?

Day after day, Ingram Micro strives to exceed the expectations with our partners and clients, which I must admit is a very demanding job since we have raised expectations to a very high level thanks to working hard and being dedicated, which is making us very happy and motivated to get better every day.

Customized approach has become our trademark, we commit to each partner, every single business or offering, we are stepping into the shoes of our partners in order to understand their challenges, find the optimal solution to those challenges and support our partners at every step.

Certainly, the basis of distributor work is powerful logistics and financial support, but we are striving to add value here also and provide more to our partners, because every business is a story for itself, and therefore we need to customize the units that represent traditional support such as logistics and finance.

Ingram Micro is committed to keeping personal information, both globally and locally

If you ask us for the secret to our success, we can say that certainly it is the value we add at each step and to every part of our cooperation with partners and to the work on project. We do not want to be just a dealer, who has good logistics and powerful financing, we would like to be a company that gives all the companies that work with us an extra benefit and something more.

Personal Data Protection and Intellectual Property Protection are one of t he greatest challenges of modern times. How do you handle these?

I have recently read an interesting fact that every second new 1.7 Mb is being created for each human being on the planet, 90 percent of all data in the world was created in the last three years, this is a fascinating amount of data being created in a short time. A lot of this information is personal information and we really need to handle it with the utmost care.

Even before the entry into force of the GDPR, which many companies were unprepared for, we had already implemented most of the provisions of that regulation. But what is important for us to emphasize through our products and services, as well as experience in implementing these technologies, is to help our partners as well as their clients to respond to challenges posed by GDPR and regulatory enforcement.

When we talk about intellectual property, we have also been propagating for many years the view that intellectual property must be respected and what we have noticed in the market is that this is how the whole market began to think and act. There is less and less uninstalled software by companies and those who have it are in a hurry to find a way to get into the legal flow.

Certainly, we as a company are here to help companies get legal and licensed software on the best terms and in the simplest possible way. As we would like our opinions and intellectual values to be respected, we must respect others’ intellectual property.

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