Homemade - A Company Led By Women, Whose Sweet Products Have Delighted Serbia

We Care About What We Do

When it comes to work, women are recognised for their strength, consistency, compassion, communicativeness, team spirit and ability to multitask on several projects simultaneously. And these qualities can be summarised in just one word: dedication

Women really are dedicated to the work they do, but also to the people close to them. That makes them successful and demonstrates the love and passion they have for everything they do. They are also often characterised by perfectionism; by an urge to always do a high-quality job.

Specifically, among the company’s total of 60 employees, as many as 51 are women! From the owner, director and marketing manager, to confectioners and colleagues in production, HomeMade is a company that demonstrates the true female strength and entrepreneurial spirit.

That’s why dedication, love, passion and quality can be felt in the taste of every HomeMade dessert.

From enticing chocolate sticks to the magical Eight Flavours cake, from scrumptious vegan snacks to refreshing ice creams and famous original macarons, HomeMade specialities are always irresistible. Lots of time and great effort are invested in creating them, because every sweet dessert is made by hand from top quality ingredients and decorated with special care.

Nothing is left to chance, and yet so much passion is woven into their delights. Over the 13 years of the company’s existence to date, HomeMade has grown from a small family business to become a company with a modern production facility, a recognisable name and three retail outlets. Today, the industrious hands of the confectioners of HomeMade prepare a large number of buns, tarts and cakes of various flavours and shapes every month!

And apart from the employees of this company caring about what they do, the very customers who buy HomeMade desserts are also people who want to show that they care… about quality, about bringing someone happiness, about being original and choosing a gift that will remain remembered. That’s precisely why the HomeMade company slogan is “When you care”.

There are many jobs in the world that don’t require you to submit your love and passion. Making cakes isn’t one of them. With us, everything revolves around emotions, and that’s the only way for us to be different and to distinguish ourselves with our quality among a wide competition. “The diligent hands of our employees and their limitless imagination make magic on a daily basis. It is a great responsibility, but also an incredibly nice feeling, to head such a wonderful team. I’m proud of them because they really care about what they do, says HomeMade Director Zorica Mladenović Džodić

Given the significant number of women employed at HomeMade, we can note unreservedly that, by choosing HomeMade, we also demonstrate that we care about supporting women in business. There aren’t many companies in Serbia, or even around the world, that are both run by women and employ such a large percentage of women.

Many people know just how special this story really is, and they always return for those sweet HomeMade flavours.

If you haven’t done so yet, try these desserts that are made from top quality raw ingredients and according to the best recipes, and that carry within them quality, creativity, love, passion and dedication. These are sweet treats that you’ll definitely return to once you’ve tried them, and that you’ll want to give to everyone for whom you really care.

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