Željko Mardešić (CEO) and Dragan Radovanović (Technical Director), AQUADUCT

Global Innovations In Serbian Fields

State-of-the-art irrigation systems on an area of 18,000 hectares

Thanks to company AQUADUCT, owners of private agricultural estates in Serbia have the opportunity to install irrigation systems that satisfy global standards, while – as company representatives note for CorD Magazine – AQUADUCT devotes the same high level of attention to each client and establishes long-term cooperation with them.

Your company provides investors with many years of experience, innovative technologies and extensive know-how when it comes to irrigation and agricultural production. What types of solutions do you develop and what kind of support do you offer clients?

Our solutions for irrigation are based on world innovations and achievements that have been tried & tested and adapted to project conditions. Aqaduct logoOur clients have at their disposal all the experience and know-how of the AQUADUCT team from the very outset – from the idea of establishing production, via the development of solutions, financial and economic analysis and risk assessment, the defining of all project details, managing and coordinating construction, to monitoring and consulting on the usage and maintenance of our irrigation system.

Our clients receive solutions from AQUADUCT for water supply, water accumulation, analysis of soil and climatic conditions, production, solutions for drainage, irrigation, protection against late spring frosts, summer cooling of plants, the application of fertilisers via the irrigation system, automatic system management and user education.

Could you explain to us how you approach the implementation of individual projects and the type of cooperation that you establish with users? What distinguishes you from the competition and why should potential investors opt specifically for AQUADUCT?

AQUADUCT uses its customer relations policy to establish long-term partnership cooperation. Experience on the ground has shown us that a winning combination is establishing a relationship in which the participants feel like a unified team, who achieve synergy by working together and results that then exceed expectations. AQUADUCT’s approach is exactly the same for both “small” or “large” systems.

Every user has available all the information they require. Ensuring the AQUADUCT team is a desirable partner is our flexibility and speed of responding to client requests, as well as a great experience and continuous education. We are recognised by the market as a professional and responsible team that is able to successfully address challenges that arise when investing.

How many hectares of irrigation systems have you designed and implemented to date? What are all the conditions that need to be met in order for us to be able to assess an irrigation system as being good? What is the situation on the ground – what needs to be improved and do users possess sufficient knowhow to manage systems?

Since its establishment, AQUADUCT has participated in the design and construction of irrigation systems on an area exceeding 18,000 hectares, with the irrigation of private estates dominating.

An irrigation system can be assessed as being good if it is energy efficient, supports the growing technological requirements of plant production, works precisely, reliably and simply, without standstills. This requires that AQUADUCT create a system that will satisfy the requirements of development for the next 20 years, which is envisaged to handle upgrades and the influence of modern communications and other technologies.

The use and maintenance of an irrigation system is the weakest link in the entire process. The transfer of knowledge progresses slowly, while exploitation is limited by the problem of frequent changes in the personnel who manage equipment.

With the aim of ensuring good exploitation, AQAUDUCT launched a programme of long-term cooperation with users that includes the conducting of education, control and consultation in the management and maintenance of systems.

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