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Aleksandar Mitić, Mladen Nastasijević and Mladen Vulević, Founders & Partners, A3 Architects

Innovative and Remarkable Architecture for a Changing World

A3 Architects is a multidisciplinary architectural studio that has, in just 12 years of operations, gained the trust of both private investors and the world’s leading international companies, who chose this great team to design their buildings and interiors

Their approach to architectural engagement is based on respect for the natural environment and creative collaboration with project participants, with the aim of achieving a unique and sustainable design, and when asked what clients can expect from them, the partners of A3 Architects say – “Experience the Exceptional”.

In just 12 years, your small studio has grown to become a company with offices in Belgrade and Prague, and soon also in London. Are you among the rare regional architects whose work is internationally recognised and acknowledged?

A3 Architects LogoAleksandar Mitić, Master of Architecture, Founder and Partner: I’m happy that we achieved all our medium-term goals in a short period. Our realised projects can be seen in the most prestigious locations: London, New York, Vienna, Prague, Zurich, Dubai etc. There is more than half a million square metres located on three continents that we’ve designed for more than 20 of the world’s most powerful companies. We are today successfully overcoming the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and managing to occupy a place on the global stage with our work and ideas.

Flexibility is in focus, while understanding and embracing changes and new circumstances must be beyond question. We design facilities and interiors with an awareness that circumstances will change, and we attach great importance to this, in order for us to keep pace with, and ahead of, the times.

Our projects can’t be easily identified according to style. That would not suit our intentions or our philosophy. Our concept of style is fundamentally an intellectual stance. We consider that architecture depends on context; there are always written and unwritten obligations that don’t necessarily suit our aesthetic vision.

You are known as a team that experiments, researches and constantly seeks new and better design solutions? Is this also a way to arrive at solutions that are smart when viewed from the perspective of engineering?

Mladen Nastasijević, Master of Architecture, Founder and Partner: Absolutely! Research allows us to create innovative environments on the basis of the best possible information and insights while exploring design offers our clients an additional measure of security. We have an integrated approach to design, because – in addition to architects – we bring together graphic designers, researchers and anthropologists, in order for us to create places that win over and encourage superior performance.

A3 Architects is a multidisciplinary architectural studio that has, in just 12 years of operations, gained the trust of both private investors and the world’s leading international companies, who chose this great team to design their buildings and interiors

One of our most complex projects in which you can see and experience both our architecture and design, as well as our approach and the creative process itself, is the Serbian Pavilion at the DUBAI EXPO 2020 World Exhibition, which will be held in Dubai this year. That is actually a project that depicts the future that is happening and that follows for us: the fusing of architecture, design, art, poetry, science and technology, which resulted in a building with a unique design and technology of the future.

What kind of cooperation do you have with urban planners, construction companies and workers?

Mladen Vulević, architect and partner: Considering that we offer our sphere of activity at various scales – from furniture design to urban planning projects, the scope and volume of our engagement depend on the complexity of a project and the wishes of the investor. We’re proud of the fact that we can offer our expert services on the global market, and we’re even more proud that, with our competitiveness, we realise high-quality, perseverance and dedication with each specific project.

We collaborate with experts, independent engineers or teams of various professions with international experience and a will to research and implement the latest technological solutions. Managing a project with external resources is of crucial importance to us, which is why we stick to our collaborators and strive to achieve tangible goals together.

Comment by Zoran Panović

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