Endless Summer Adventures And Relaxation On The Adriatic Coast

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Portonovi Resort, a luxurious and unique destination that lies at the heart of the Bay of Kotor, announces the more than exciting summer season that’s ahead of us, thanks to numerous events and activities day and night. This prestigious location represents a perfect mix of top-notch gastronomy, exclusive wellness opportunities, shopping and the highest-quality real estate available either to rent or buy

This modern resort is situated less than an hour’s drive from Tivat and Dubrovnik international airports, but is also easily accessible to those who prefer private flights, thanks to its own heliport. In addition, Portonovi offers the possibility of docking in its modern marina, but also spacious private garage spaces.

In just a short period of time, Portonovi has become a favourite location for tourists from Western Europe, the U.S. and the Balkan region. According to Adrijana Husić, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager of Portonovi, the resort now has twice as many accommodation capacities compared to last year.

“We are not only talking about typical hotel accommodation, but about larger apartments and suites that are interesting for tourists coming to Montenegro, due to everything this accommodation includes, but also swimming pools, the beach and the marina itself. These tourists sometimes come for a long weekend, while sometimes they stay for more than ten days or an entire month,” Husić points out.


Nearby Herceg Novi is well-known for its climate and warm summer evenings, while the Mediterranean spirit is further enhanced by the design of some of the most desirable residences on the Adriatic coast, which can be either rented or bought. Each of these exceptional properties has been designed by world-renowned architects, ensuring that they fit perfectly into their surroundings. Tourists can choose from luxurious Sky Villas, Marina Apartments and One&Only Portonovi Private Homes – each of which is specific in its own way, with Portonovi being the thread that connects them all.

Situated on the waterfront, at the very heart of the complex, Sky Villas represent the epitome of sophisticated life on the riviera. Their interior is a mix of warm and modern design, full of open spaces that are ideal for socialising and carefully selected materials that make these residences so luxurious and unique, with an addition of private terraces providing unobstructed views of the Bay of Kotor.

However, the most exclusive spot in Portonovi is reserved for Marina Apartments, located right on the seafront and with direct access to the Marina. With an extremely convenient position in the culinary and social centre of the resort, these residences are perfect for those who enjoy being just a step away from the best restaurants, cafés, bars and shops.

Apart from these most exclusive residences, Portonovi also offers accommodation that varies from one-room apartments to private villas, built in a mixture of Mediterranean, Venetian and Montenegrin style and surrounded with an abundance of greenery and flowers in the very heart of the complex. What they all have in common is a lot of indoor and outdoor space for fun, socializing or simply relaxing. Living here means spending time outdoors and enjoying the Adriatic sun in one of the numerous parks or by the pools.


In international circles of yachting enthusiasts, the location of Portonovi Marina is widely known. The calm sea surrounding it allows easy access to the Adriatic and invites you to explore the Mediterranean right from the spectacular Bay of Kotor.

One new addition for this summer season is the freshly opened Portonovi Yacht Club, which attracts fans of sailing and other nautical sports. The club is preparing a series of events and activities, with special benefits for its members. In addition to the opening event, Portonovi Yacht Club organises two regattas this summer: the popular EST105 International Regatta Bari – Herceg Novi; and the already widely renowned III Portonovi Regatta Boka Islands.

“Portonovi Yacht Club will allow those who have not yet tried their hand at sailing, and would like to, to take sailing courses with experienced sailors,” says Azmont Investments CEO Rashad Aliyev, adding that Portonovi is striving to offer multiple reasons why people would like to come and stay for a certain period. “All those who are eager for adventure and excitement, beautiful landscapes, top spa centres and relaxation, as well as trips to Montenegro and cultural events by the sea, will enjoy Portonovi this summer”.

Whether you want a home on the Mediterranean coast or to experience the charms of luxury living on the Adriatic by spending a few days in one of the apartments or villas, Portonovi offers everything you need for an unforgettable experience of life by the sea. Throughout the year, visitors from all over the world enjoy the unique combination of luxury, the highest-quality real estate and design, as well as the magnificent, untouched nature of the Bay of Kotor.

For more information about events, please contact

For special offers and to book accommodation, please contact / +382 31 353 600

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