Duško Belović, Owner, IPG Investment

Investors Trust Us

IPG Investment, which deals with the design, implementation and supervision of the most complex construction works, began operations with smaller projects in Serbia and Montenegro, while it today operates successfully on three continents. The company works for both the private sector and for government bodies, but also for the governments of other countries

Despite being unusual, IPG Investment doesn’t have a single failed project behind it, and this represents the company’s best recommendation. Over the course of the past ten years, the company has gained the trust of the world’s most prestigious investors, and the management states modestly that they are satisfied with the results, and truly want to achieve much better results.

Your enterprise is involved in the design, implementation and supervision of construction works, but not any kind fo works – rather the most complex projects. In which areas do you operate in total? Are you satisfied with your current position, which you’ve built over the course of 13 years?

Our company is engaged in the design, supervision and execution of complex construction works, and over the last 13 years we’ve concluded that executing works is our most profitable activity. We could today state modestly that we are satisfied with the results, while we truly want much better results. Implementing works is a complex undertaking that requires collective and individual persistence in order to ensure they are realised as best as possible, and thereby to ensure the best effects of the work.

What are your fundamental advantages over the competition? Flexibility; willingness to meet the demands of investors under the shortest deadlines; your team of engineers and workers who’ve gained experience around the world; quality and reasonable prices etc.?

Our company’s advantages are, first and foremost, competence to undertake complex endeavours, speed of executing works, the inclusion of a large number of subcontractors, familiarity with the nature of the investor’s requirements, as well as low costs. All of that makes us a candidate for activities in places around the world that require various works at the best prices. We’ve tried our hand in this over the past ten years and gained the trust of the world’s most prestigious investors.

The country is today regulated as an economic environment. Everyone who is diligent, who wants to work and generate extra profits, has good possibilities to do so

How would you evaluate the economic environment in Serbia and the region? Does our best chance lie in the development of SMEs?

The economic environment in Serbia at the present juncture is very favourable for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the country, indeed there are almost no better conditions anywhere in the region. We don’t consider that state subsidies to foreign investors are any kind of privilege, nor are they an obstacle to us domestic businessmen, so everyone wanting to do business here is welcome. Of course, achieving results requires enormous work and effort, and certainly not merely a vision, which many in Serbia interpret as being a special gift.

The economic environment is created by workers, managers and business owners; it is a symbiosis of collective relationships. Our view of the economic environment challenges all those who influence today’s conditions of supply and demand, and who have reams of unpaid subsidies and loans from state-owned banks, which is nothing more than the appropriating of the nation’s money.

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