Dušica Gaković, Project Lead, Deka Inženjering

The Future Of Housing

The basic starting point in developing the projects of Deka inženjering [engineering] are the intended end users. The company’s goal is to provide future tenants, both families and individuals, with maximum quality of life and comfort

The remains of industrial architecture from the late 19th century, which have been preserved and incorporated into the residential and business complex, provide Novi Dorćol with a striking and unique look in the city’s central hub.

You built A Blok, one of the most prestigious projects in Belgrade, while you’re now finalising the first phase of construction of Novi Dorćol in Belgrade city centre. What characterises the facilities you build?

The basic starting point in developing our projects are the intended end users. Our goal is to provide future tenants, both families and individuals, with maximum quality of life and comfort. Blok A has more than 1,000 apartments and 80-odd retail units. We prioritise modern design that’s adapted to the contemporary lifestyle – spacious and bright rooms, a bedroom block that’s separated from the living-dining area, a master bedroom with a separate en suite bathroom, ceilings that are 2.8 metres high, which creates a special impression of spaciousness, a special service area/ utility room in each apartment to house a boiler, washing machine and dryer, while apartment air conditioning, which implies both cooling and heating, is hidden behind a dropped ceiling.

The underground garages are spacious enough for families to be able to purchase multiple parking spaces. Considering that even more electric cars will be driven in the future, we also have a significant number of parking spaces with electric charging.

Spacious 24/7 receptions, video surveillance, comfortable corridors, three lifts in each lamella structure, a closed yard intended exclusively for tenants – these are just some of the advantages of living in our complexes.

We’ve preserved a building dating back to 1897, called the Platnara, which will be reconstructed to create a modern restaurant and wine bar

The first residents will start moving in to apartments completed in the first phase of the Novi Dorćol complex during July and August, when construction of the second phase is set to begin. Will there be additional contents, such as a swimming pool and spa centre?

We will complete the first 225 apartments and 15 retail units in July, after which we will continue the construction of the second phase of Novi Dorćol, consisting of 347 apartments and seven retail units.

The complex will have a spa centre, swimming pool and gym, market, cafe, pastry shop, as well as other contents necessary for a comfortable life. Following the example of major world capitals, we’ve preserved a building dating back to 1897, called the Platnara, which will be reconstructed to create a modern restaurant and wine bar.

Do all apartments in your complexes have smart home systems that enable the adapting of apartments to suit the user?

All apartments have the so-called smart home system, which serves to manage multiple functions within the apartment, both strictly functional ones that make life easier and aesthetic ones that make life more beautiful. Control is local and user friendly, using wall-mounted key sets, or remotely via a mobile phone or other device. Household members can easily adjust the light they want, to lower or raise the blinds, to turn on cooling or heating as required.

The smart home system that we’ve applied at the Novi Dorćol complex is just one of the world trends with which we are setting new standards in construction, and which relate not only to comfort, but also to safety, which was the primary reason we were interested in implementing this system in our housing developments.

Dušica Gaković, Project Lead, Deka Inženjering

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