Dragoljub Zbiljić, Energotehnika Južna Bačka Company President

Guardians Of Serbia’s Energy Strength

Hungarian state-owned electricity company MVM has signed an agreement with the Maneks Group to take over 33.4% of its subsidiaries Energotehnika Južna Bačka and Elektromontaža, with which our company has stepped onto the market of the European Union in a big way

The agreement with this Hungarian energy giant also shows that Serbia is a country of strong political and business leadership, and that, when it comes to the production of electricity for the Balkans, Serbia could represent what some countries are for oil production globally.

What do Maneks, Južna Bačka and Serbia gain from the partnership with MVM?

The partnership with this Hungarian energy giant is a logical consequence of our determination to develop ourselves, to move beyond the framework of Serbia and do business on the European Union market. We believed that we satisfy all the extremely high European standards, and MVM has obviously also showed that same faith in us.

On the flip side, MVM’s decision to enter Serbia is evidence of our country’s respectable energy potential. With this partnership, Serbia has gained added stability and security in maintaining its transmission and distribution system, as well as additional production capacities and the possibility to independently design and build new power plants, and to improve and develop renewable energy sources. I think everyone can be satisfied.

And I would add that this is a job to make Serbia proud! We are a country of strong political leadership, business leadership, and when it comes to the production of electricity for the Balkans, we could represent what some countries are for oil production at the global level.

In this time of uncertainty for electricity, how important is it to have a partner like MVM, which produces, distributes and trades in electricity, and is also a partner from the EU?

It’s always good to have a strong partner. And it’s even better to have one in extraordinary circumstances like we have today, because we gain the opportunity to advance professionally and technically, to access new technologies and enter the European market. MVM will increase its presence in the Balkans dynamically, together with an experienced partner.

We believed that we satisfy all the extremely high European standards, and Hungary’s MVM has obviously also showed that same faith in us

The most expensive thing on today’s energy market is certainty. Serbia will share the destiny of the rest of the continent when it comes to challenges, but it strengthens its energy muscles and independence with this job and similar ones. Providing for citizens to live and the economy to operate unhindered is today the height of patriotism, and a responsibility that we share with our state.

Given that Energotehnika Južna Bačka installs transformer stations, gas pipelines, the gas network, heating pipelines and other energy infrastructure elements, and that you are extremely well acquainted with the situation on the market, we can’t help but ask if we’ll have a winter?

Nobody in Europe can today answer that question with certainty. The war in Ukraine has brought many unknowns to the energy equation that everyone is trying to solve. I believe deeply that the state will do all it can to ensure energy stability, and I can guarantee that we will implement all the tasks within the scope of our competence that are entrusted to us in a high-quality way and within the deadlines set.

The whole of Europe is facing a great challenge, and I hope that we will be in a position to successfully respond to it together. Our old Serbian saying – only unity saves – is the most appropriate for Europe today! This job of ours is a firm handshake in that togetherness.

Comment by Zoran Panović

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