Dragoljub Milinković, CEO, Veterinarski zavod Subotica

New Laboratory For A New Age

Veterinarski zavod Subotica was established in 1921 as the state sought the capacity to produce vaccines. Today we have seen that support for companies like ours is the foundation for establishing national security in terms of animal health and, indirectly, human health

Our goal is to become a reference point in the field of international biological production. We can count on almost 100 years of rich experience, on our production capacity and on our staff as the basis for the development and stability of our company – says Mr Dragoljub Milinković.

Last year, you celebrated Veterinarski zavod Subotica’s 100th birthday and your entry into the Labiana family, a great foundation for further development. What is the goal for your second century?

As a member of the Labiana Group, the strategic goals for the company’s future are to develop biological products and enter the international market.

This year, the construction of a new control laboratory will be completed according to all the standards of Good Laboratory Practices. In this way, we are creating a platform for the company’s continued growth. We want to offer our knowledge and resources on the CDMO market. We are recognised in the Balkans as a stable and high quality brand with a long tradition. We want to expand our product portfolio and build partnerships with other companies in the world of animal health. The main focus for the new century remains our people and innovation.

What is the essence of the One Health concept and why is it so important?

In the One Health concept, we contribute to animal health and in that way take care of human health and environmental protection at the same time. Our Institute is an indispensable factor in animal husbandry in Serbia, but also in the entire region, which is why we want to further develop this role.

In cooperation with a national network of researchers, a team of our experts has produced a vaccine against Bluetongue disease

Global events in the last few years teach us that humans and animals form a single ecosystem that must be respected. By taking care of animals and nature, we are actually taking care of ourselves and the future of mankind. As part of the Labiana family, we believe that our mission is to promote and develop these health concepts globally.

Vaccines have been your number one strategic product for decades. What is the innovation potential in this segment of your business?

We are continuously monitoring the occurrence of new diseases that are a danger to animal health and we conduct research and work on the development of a high quality response through new vaccines. In cooperation with a national network of researchers in this field, and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, a team of our experts managed to produce a vaccine against Bluetongue disease. In developing innovations in vaccine production and applying innovative solutions in our company, we will establish the foundation for the future development of new vaccines.

How do you assess cooperation with state institutions in Serbia?

By supporting the One Health concept and relying on our own resources, we are enabling national sustainability in vaccine production and immunoprophylactic protection of both animals and humans.

Thanks to our institute, the only producer of animal vaccines in the country and the region, Serbia can produce all the necessary vaccines completely independently in the event of an outbreak of a dangerous infectious disease.

In our jubilee year we have signed two protocols on cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Defence, in which we are recognised as a reliable partner in animal health.

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