Dejan Turk, Vip Mobile CEO

A Human Driven Company Powered By Technology

The company rebranding planned for this year is part of the strategy of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, which Vip has been part of since its arrival on the Serbian market in 2007

As a human-driven company, Vip has assessed that people and their needs are the main driver and inspiration and that everything that will occur in the upcoming period will be subordinated to that.

Vip mobile will rebrand this year to become A1, in accordance with the company’s global strategy. Why are you undertaking this rebranding and what will it bring to your users?

It is a great challenge to talk about rebranding under the circumstances in which Serbia and the world currently find themselves. More than ever it’s important for people to stay in touch with their friends and family, and be informed about everything that’s happening. This puts one very responsible task before the telco operators, and currently, all of our strength is directed towards ensuring our customers have all the necessary services, conscientiously and responsibly.

The rebranding, which is planned for this year is part of the of A1 Telekom Austria Group strategy, whose part Vip is since its arrival on Serbian market in 2007. Access to the latest technology and expertise has provided wind for our sails when it comes to pushing the telecommunications boundaries from day one. We’ve achieved great results, built recognisable values and raised the expectations of users, partners and society as a whole. We will invest in the next generation of networks and new technologies for the digital age, in order for us to thus contribute to the transformation of the Serbian economy and society.

Access to the latest technology and expertise has provided wind for our sails when it comes to pushing the telecommunications boundaries from day one

We believe that, with the new A1 brand, we will from a challenger become a game-changer on the Serbian market, especially given that operators today can no longer allow themselves to provide only infrastructure and support. We will do our best to ensure competitiveness beyond the boundaries of our industry and act as an experienced partner of our customers. With the new A1 brand, our desire is to be recognised as a responsible and reliable provider that ensures excellent quality of service and the best user experience, as well as strong infrastructure that will be resilient to change in the future.

Over the past years, Vip had sustained growth, which is reflected in increased revenue, customer numbers and market share. How satisfied are you with your business results for 2019?

Vip achieved a market share of 25.2% in 2019 and employs more than 1,400 professionals with the aim of providing the best customer experience for more than 2.3 million users. With our socially responsible activities, we are recognised as a reliable partner and the initiator of many positive changes in society, but also as a company that’s changing the market for the better. Results to date have fulfilled our expectations, but also demonstrated our willingness and desire to influence people’s lives through our initiatives and our work. As A1, we will continue to provide the best user experience and endeavour to ensure that the everyday digital life of our users is simpler, more productive and more pleasant. Apart from all of that, we will also continue to invest in the next generation of networks and new technologies for the digital age, in order to help transform the Serbian economy and society.

Vip is recognised as a leader in the customer relationship segment. With the arrival of your new brand, what can we expect from you?

People and their needs are our main driver and inspiration. Yes, these are primarily our users, but also our business partners and the general public towards whom our social responsibility projects are directed. Interests are more and more driving us towards the entertainment industry, a part of that innovations that simplify daily life and operations represent a field that provides plenty of room for us to be creative, different, become experience partners of our users. Having all this in mind, I can say that really exciting period is ahead of us.

Dejan Turk, A1 Srbija And A1 Slovenija CEO

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