Darko Soković, Managing Partner of Strategy & Development, PROPULSION

Pioneers of Socially Engaged Campaigns

Propulsion is a dynamic, full-service agency known for its innovative and socially engaged campaigns. With a diverse range of services and a strong presence in multiple markets, Propulsion is committed to fostering positive social change through strategic communication and impactful projects

Founded in 2011, Propulsion has grown into a leading alliance of businesses and non-profits in innovative, socially engaged campaigns and projects. Under the strategic direction of Darko Soković, Managing Partner of Strategy & Development at Propulsion, the alliance of businesses and non-profits collaborates with global companies, UN agencies, and international organisations to drive positive change. Its team of over 200 experts operates from four offices, offering comprehensive services ranging from strategic communications and digital solutions to community engagement and educational programmes. With a presence across Central and Eastern Europe, the EU, Turkey, Central Asia, and the US, Propulsion is dedicated to creating transformative campaigns that inspire action and foster societal improvement.

Propulsion is a dynamic, full-service alliance of businesses and non-profits known for its innovative, socially engaged campaigns. What services do you offer, and which markets do you cover?

— Propulsion is a dynamic and ever-growing organisation with a strong foundation in innovative, socially engaged campaigns and projects. As a leading supplier of engaged communications and social impact campaigns across Central and Eastern Europe, we strive for positive social change through transformative campaigns with brands, development partners, and governments. Our services include strategic communications, social impact campaigns, community engagement, digital solutions, creative services, event management, and educational programmes. These services enable us to craft comprehensive communication strategies, create impactful campaigns, foster community development, leverage AI-driven IT solutions, ensure high standards in visual communications, organise impactful events and enhance personal and digital literacy through training and e-learning. Operating across our home countries, the EU, Turkey, Central Asia, and the US, Propulsion impacts diverse communities globally.

With four offices and over 200 experts, how do you successfully create campaigns and projects for around a hundred partners, including companies, UN agencies, and international organisations?

— Founded in 2011 in Belgrade and Sarajevo, our global headquarters is now in Bratislava, with an additional office in Zagreb. We are a truly European organisation, and our partnerships with global companies, international organisations, and state bodies, including USAID, UNDP, UN Women, and the European Commission, allow us to channel millions of euros annually into projects that promote social good.

Our work is particularly impactful in Central and Eastern Europe

At Propulsion, our mission is to create compelling narratives that captivate audiences, bring tangible, and drive tangible results, believing in the power of our stories to build a better, more equitable society.

Propulsion excels in improving societies while ensuring client satisfaction. Do you believe communication can transform our region and its priorities? What are your current priorities?

— At Propulsion, our unwavering commitment is to communication projects that enhance lives in our region and support its growth. We believe narratives can transform societies, enhance lives, improve democratic values, and create safe media and digital and technological environments. We aim to drive meaningful, positive change within our communities, focusing on social good and community development to ensure a better, more equitable future for all.

Our transformative campaigns address critical social issues, promote digital and media literacy, and inspire civic engagement, improving people’s lives. We believe communication can transform societies and enhance relationships, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. Guided by principles that place people at the center of digital transformation, we ensure technology promotes democracy, protects rights, and acts responsibly and safely.

We aim to create a fair online environment where individuals can safely and effectively engage with new technologies, like AI. Our focus is on fostering solidarity and inclusion by ensuring all communities have access to the internet, digital skills, and public services, bridging the digital divide, and promoting social equity. We emphasise digital literacy, equipping individuals with the skills to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly, including understanding data privacy and combating misinformation.

We are dedicated to promoting sustainability in our digital initiatives, supporting our community through educating people about the environmental impact of digital consumption. Our projects create safe and secure digital environments, protecting users of all ages and promoting data security. Our work is particularly impactful in Central and Eastern Europe, where digital transformation is rapidly unfolding and addressing issues from media literacy and digital transformation to health literacy and artificial intelligence has special value. This is particularly true considering regional geopolitical shifts in Ukraine, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

How do you implement multi-million euro corporate social responsibility programmes for the region’s largest companies through your Propulsion Fund, creating a new generation of leaders?

— By focusing on media and digital literacy, health literacy, and innovative leadership, we equip the next generation of individuals with means with the skills they need to lead and inspire future generations. Our initiatives are not just about immediate impact but rather building sustainable frameworks that equip people to lead and inspire future generations.

Our services include strategic communications, social impact campaigns, community engagement, digital solutions, creative services, event management, and educational programmes

This government advisory firm for American tech firms connects with various audiences, ensuring that our programmes have a lasting, positive impact on society, nurturing leaders who can guide the region toward a prosperous and equitable future.

Propulsion is a founder of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, a member of AmCham and the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with top managers in the Serbian Association of Managers. Always among the best?

— Our affiliation with leading international organisations underscores our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and social change. By aligning ourselves with the best, we enhance our own capabilities and demonstrate our belief that significant change can only occur through great partnerships. This collaboration contributes to a broader goal of societal advancement, improving the lives of communities we touch. This commitment to excellence ensures that we always learn from our American friends, connecting with the world and enabling us to help transform it—for the better.

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