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Milun Todorović, Mayor Of Čačak Winners Of BFC SEE Certification

Welcome To The City Of Entrepreneurs And A Great Industrial Tradition

The city of Čačak is the administrative, business, medical, educational and cultural centre of Moravica district and an excellent place for investment because it is surrounded by a growing market of 16 million consumers. We have a rich cultural and historical heritage, exceptional tourist potential and two faculties educating highly qualified experts.


The main characteristic of industry in Čačak is well-developed private entrepreneurship, with the support of four business associations, the Science and Technology Park and the City Economic Council. The crucial advantages of this city with its century-old industrial tradition are its geographical position, good traffic connections, and the proximity of the Morava airport.

A crucially important investment for the development of the city was the recent construction of Corridor 11 (E-763) connecting Čačak and Belgrade. Due to the imminent completion of works on the Preljina-Požega section, the beginning of construction works on the Preljina-Pojate motorway and the construction of the rapid Mrčajevci-Kragujevac road, the position and importance of Čačak as a traffic and business centre of Serbia is undeniable. In this context, the business zones of Preljina, Konjevici and Cer will be increasingly important for attracting both foreign investment and domestic business.

Beside business development, the city is actively investing in projects for water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment, healthcare, education, youth activities, culture, tourism and sport.


Cultural heritage and natural beauty around the city make Čačak an exceptional tourist destination. Our most prominent landmark is close by – the famous Ovčar spa, Ovčarsko-Kablarska gorge, the lakes and meanders of the West Morava. The thermo-mineral springs of the spa and its healing effect in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, 10 medieval monasteries that brought this area the flattering name of the Serbian Holy Mountain, are a must-see for all tourists. The Tourism Development Programme of the City of Čačak for the period 2019- 2024 pointed to our great opportunities in this sector, and it is important that the Interdepartmental Working Group of the Government of Serbia consider the development of the tourist potential of the Ovčarsko-Kablarska Gorge. Another of our recognizable landmarks is the gallery of our famous painter Nadežda Petrović, whose work will be included on the UNESCO list.

Welcome To The City Of Entrepreneurs And A Great Industrial Tradition

In April 2021, the City of Čačak met the criteria for the Certification Program for Cities and Municipalities with a Favourable Business Environment in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE) and proved that it provides services of the highest international standards to existing industry and potential investors. Also, the Local Economic Development Program and the Employment Action Plan adopted by Čačak will contribute to economic development, opening new companies and jobs. Our goal is to position Čačak as a strong business centre in Southeast Europe, to encourage the introduction of new technologies and innovation in production processes and to increase exports. When we achieve all that – and we will – our city will be an even better investment for business and life – announces Mayor Todorović.