Boban Janković, Mayor of Mionica

We Shall Make an App for Potential Investors

With a database of all available sites and buildings, investors will be able to acquaint themselves with the programmes and advantages on offer

After innovation in the field of improving the offer for tourists, Mionica is planning to also promote its investment possibilities with the help of new technology.

You recently launched a tourist app Visit Mionica, which was on show at the tourism fair in Belgrade. What information can tourists access with this app?

Mionica– For us, tourism is one of the primary branches of development, since we have many tourism resources and attractions, natural potential, cultural heritage apart from our accommodation and gastronomical offer. When we add to that our proximity to the capital, all conditions are filled for tourists and investment in this field alike. We are making efforts to follow the trends, so this year we have launched the tourist app “VisitMionica” for smartphones running iOS and Android platforms.

The app provides an innovative and modern visual display of all important locations a visitor can see and visit in our municipality. It also generates all the important information a tourist may need at the location in question. In this way, we can inform a prospective tourist about the entire tourist offer and provide services at the destination itself. Experience until now has shown that the app has a huge effect on raising the quality of service at the destination.

Are you planning similar actions in promoting Mionica as a good place to invest? Are you planning to use ICT to provide extra convenience to businesspeople and how?

– Information technology is now something without which no-one in the world can imagine a modern business, and its application is very important for us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most modern towns and municipalities in Serbia. One of the important links of development and improvement is the introduction of information and communication technology into all segments of the business. We have made a comprehensive analysis of all available locations and buildings that may be interesting for potential investors and turned it into a database with which we plan to develop a new app intended for potential investors.

Thanks to the VisitMionica app, visitors can see all of the salient tourist sites and receive important service information

Through this app, anyone interested will have a detailed display and information on the municipality itself, local economic development, industrial zones, plots for investment, available buildings, workforce and of course the programmes and benefits on offer for investors.

How far have you come in introducing the ‘48-hour system’ in Mionica and what benefits will it bring residents of your municipality?

– With the help of the ‘48-hour system,’ we are trying to meet everyone’s expectations in solving all kinds of problems – municipal, infrastructure, administrative and so on. This system has the function of making the local government more effective and available to all residents and visitors to our municipality, 24 hours per day all year round. This is a high-quality model that gives positive results, and we are still perfecting it in accordance with problems in the field, the actual needs and desires of our citizens.

In this way a double advantage is created: municipal residents have an open local government ready to reach out to them in a variety of situations, and on the other hand all of the institutions and municipal organs receive feedback from the field and know the best ways they can contribute to development and assistance to their fellow citizens.

Boban Janković, President of the Municipality of Mionica

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