Ana Jovancai Stakić Ph.D., Coordinator Of International Academic Programmes And International Cooperation At Singidunum University

Local Diplomas, Worldly Knowledge

Singidunum University has spent decades successfully educating young people and developing their skills, which enables them to engage in contemporary business processes. In this healthy academic environment, students learn to think critically and analyse, identify innovative solutions and freely express their ideas

Many students view professional work placements as their entrance ticket to the business world and exert efforts try to utilise such placements well, with the support of the University, which itself has more than 500 agreements on the implementation of student practise with the most successful companies operating in Serbia, says Singidunum University’s Ana Jovancai Stakić Ph.D.

Singidunum is Serbia’s first private university to be accredited under the new Law on Higher Education. What else defines you?

Although we’ve long been talking about how we’re living and working in a rapidly changing world, the changes that have occurred over the last few years have been more intensive than previously.

They relate to the labour market to a large extent, and thus also to the education process.

That’s precisely why we’re adapting our study programmes to the market’s current needs, which is accompanied by regular professional specialisation courses for teaching staff, as well as the updating of teaching materials that represent an ideal combination of modern theory, relevant examples from operational practises and scientific research.

We last year accredited a new programme in Pharmacy studies, which has attracted great interest, while we’re also preparing a new Computational Physics master’s programme, the implementation of which will include the participation of eminent international experts.

Is there still great interest in studying in English at Singidunum University?

Singidunum University implements accredited study programmes in English at all three levels of study. A significant increase in the number of students opting to study in English, especially in undergraduate studies, has been recorded over the last two years. It is important to young people in Serbia that they become bilingual experts, because they are aware that this provides them with better opportunities to secure employment in foreign companies, both in the country and abroad. It is also important for them to establish contacts with colleagues from around the world during their joint studies and thereby significantly increase their chances of successfully networking in international frameworks. On the other hand, there has also been increased interest among young people from around the world who recognise Serbia as a secure and attractive destination for studying.

We’ve created a fantastic international environment in which studies are conducted in accordance with the contemporary global curriculum, while teaching is implemented by eminent local and foreign professors who have international experience. It is important to mention the opportunity for students to complete and continue their studies at prominent international universities, in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and to earn their diplomas. This proved particularly attractive to students who were prevented from starting their studies abroad due to the pandemic and who didn’t want to miss a year.

Is knowledge once again valued; and are young people aware that the knowledge they acquired is more important than the diploma they earn?

Due to an extremely dynamic labour market that is becoming increasingly global in scope, knowledge and a specific set of skills are essential and in high demand, and this has a significant impact on young people’s choice of college. Practical teaching is of particular interest to them, and forms an integral part of their studies, whilst also connecting them, in a genuine working environment, with real situations and providing them with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired. Our graduate students/alumni around the world are forging successful careers and achieving enviable business results, which provides inexhaustible motivation for us to continue.

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