Alexios Gkegkios, General Manager, Globe Williams Serbia, MBA, MSC, Prince 2

Among The Top 50 Tfm Providers

Globe Williams International has 8,000 customers in 32 countries, 25,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than half a billion euros. In Serbia, GW is implementing the global experiences of its parent company, utilising the ideas and wealth of knowledge at their fingertips

The restructuring of the company’s management and the mobilising of a new CEO with professional accreditation and extended managerial and field experience, combined with the allocating of new management roles to talented and ambitious local young professionals, has been key to Globe Williams’ success in Serbia.

What stands behind the Globe Williams International name, apart from dedication, lots of work, planning etc.?

Since its inception, the vision of Globe Williams International has been to become a world class service provider in the demanding arena of Integrated Facilities Management. Arduous and continuous efforts exerted on all fronts, the selection and support of great team members at all levels, a forward-thinking approach and never looking back to attitudes that can set the company back – this has all given GWI an edge and driven this modest company to become the multinational organisation that it is today, one that’s already recognised as being among the top 50 TFM providers worldwide and that has already received awards and acknowledgements from the most prestigious global companies, like Drees & Sommers, CEO Magazine and others.

Globe Williams isn’t the only facility management company in Serbia, but it is number one. What sets you apart from the competition?

There are a few notable reasons for this achievement on Serbia’s fast-growing FM market. The complete restructuring of the company’s management two years ago, with the mobilising of a new CEO who has vast experience and professional qualifications in the corporate world, coupled with the allocating of new management roles to talented and ambitious local young professionals, has elevated the company to new heights and notable profitability.

First and foremost, our clients gain the professional support of a globally-accredited company at any given moment that they may need it

However, such results would never have been achieved if we hadn’t paid close attention to our clients’ needs and gone out of our way to offer them what we promote the most: an unparalleled 24/7 service and, more specifically in times of need, dedicated and well-trained staff, cutting-edge equipment and technological advances, as well as commitment to the company’s mission and loyalty. Moreover, also setting us apart is our implementation of the global experiences of our parent company and the ideas that are at our fingertips, as well as the wealth of knowledge that can be accessed from our 500-strong senior management team and can assist our clients by being made available on the ground in a matter of hours.

What do your clients gain by hiring you? Does professional maintenance and servicing extend the life and value of facilities, reduce costs and save time?

First and foremost, our clients gain the professional support of a globally-accredited company at any given moment that they may need it, as well as continuous feedback on assigned tasks and activities, value added service provision that allows them to focus on and expand their core business – with all remaining support services successfully delivered by Globe Williams Srbija. Global research has not only suggested, but actually proven that the proper executing of professional facility services extends the lifespan of buildings and premises, whilst providing an abundance of free time for the client’s own personnel to deal with other activities rather than micromanaging outsourced tasks and services. Finally, all studies and real-life experiences have shown that prompt and proactive maintenance cycles reduce site maintenance costs significantly, prolong the life of equipment and, most importantly, ensure safe working environments with added attention paid to environmentally sustainable solutions. Some of our satisfied international clients in Serbia include Actavis, Alumil , Astir Textiles, Coopertire, Galenika, Grundfos, Hertz, Inditex, Pfizer, Zepter and many others.

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