Aleksandra Todorović Sučević, Director, Delta Inženjering

Delta Inženjering – Renowned Name for 30 Years Already

For this company that launched independent operations at the start of 1990, the first decade was conditioned by tough economic and political conditions, representing a major professional challenge

The challenge was the reason for the first step, while all other steps were taken thanks to the enthusiasm and creative energy, along with a lot of wisdom and knowhow.

Jobs and Investors followed, and with them, we matured and grew, gained friends, became the home engineering company for many major investment companies, which was our entrance ticket to extend beyond our own limits, cross state borders and step out into the world.

Delta Inženjering success through small and large contracts, and managed to acquire and retain one of the best positions in the field of industrial engineering.

The first contract with which the fledgeling Delta Inženjering company ventured into commercial waters related to a project to detect mixtures of hazardous and toxic gases with the air in the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of the city of Kragujevac. This was immediately followed by similar projects for a dozen plants of MKS Smederevo (now Hesteel HBIS Serbia), as well as for a number of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) filling stations of Novi Sad-based NIS.

“We have unique experience in the complete service of so-called turnkey projects for investors like Henkel, Volvo, Alumil, the ice cream factory Delta (now Nestle) etc.

“Our team today includes 200 employees, who – with their know-how, experience and expertise – serve to position Delta Inženjering among the region’s best companies.

“Design engineering in the field of gas technology definitely marked our work at the start of our operations, but also to this day,” says Todorović Sučević.


She says for CorD that their biggest investors are EPS [Serbian electricity utility] and Serbia Gas. Delta Inženjering signed a contract with Serbia Gas for the design of the gas pipeline along the Niš-Dimitrovgrad section, and then we signed a contract on the validation of the complete project documentation of the route of the so-called ‘Turkish Stream’ gas pipeline from the Bulgarian to Hungarian borders.

After many years of activities aimed at resolving the problem of flue gas desulphurisation at TENT A, an agreement was signed between EPS and company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS).

This project should enable the reduction of sulphur-dioxide and solid particles from TENT, thus enabling our country to attain EU environmental standards.

Delta inženjering developed technical documentation for NIS that is necessary for the legalisation of facilities for the storing of petroleum belonging to the NIS Trade Block.

On the project to reconstruct block A2 of TENT Obrenovac, Delta Inženjering provides consulting services together with German company VPC.

Delta Inženjering is working intensively on developing the role of FIDIC [The International Federation of Consulting Engineers] engineers.

FIDIC engineers of Delta Inženjering have a role, together with German company DMT, on the project BTO (Excavator – Transporter – Stacker) at Kostolac, which is being brought to an end after three years.

Our biggest investors are EPS [Serbian electricity utility] and Serbia Gas. Delta Inženjering signed a contract with Serbia Gas for the design of the gas pipeline along the Niš- Dimitrovgrad section, and then we signed a contract on the validation of the complete project documentation of the route of the the so-called ‘Turkish Stream’ gas pipeline from the Bulgarian to Hungarian borders

Delta Inženjering is also the FIDIC engineer on the newly-signed contract for the construction of desulphurisation plant at TENT B.

“We are engaged in the development and validation of the Project for the Implementation and Supplementary Mining Projects as a local partner, in accordance with a contract signed with Chinese company CMEC. Delta Inženjering issues budget estimates, harmonises documentation with valid local regulations and finally packs projects in accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction and the Law on Mining and Geological Exploration.

We can today boast of the fact that we are leading projects for all investments of capital significance in the country. This fact provides us with an even greater incentive to be even better, more professional and more efficient”, Todorović Sučević explained to our magazine.


Delta Inženjering is working on the reconstruction of the Clinical Centre of Belgrade. Works contractors DELTA INŽENJERING Ltd. and Consortium GH HOLDING Ltd. drew up a contract on the implementation of works and staged upgrading, reconstruction and adaptation of the Clinical Centre of Serbia in Belgrade.

These works will last for 32 months. Specific works are being carried out on the access road from the highway to the Clinical Centre.

Numerous projects completed successfully over the last three decades provide a picture of how we successfully maintain ourselves in a market marked by very tough competition.

The director of Delta Inženjering says that they are devoted special attention to projects in the field of the eco-friendly treatment of water and dust extraction, with many references behind us in the field of designing and constructing wastewater treatment plants, as well as dust extraction (Holcim, Henkel, Fiat, the Pančevo Oil Refinery etc.).

Delta inženjering’s further plans certainly lead the company towards the maintaining of its leadership position on the local market in the field of industrial engineering – a position that can only be maintained with great expertise and the long-standing experience of personnel, with a company that’s always ready to give young and educated people an opportunity to prove themselves in this business and to learn as much as possible, in order for Delta inženjering to remain recognisable in the future as a unique company in the field of industrial engineering in Serbia.

Thirty years is a long enough period for what we’ve achieved but is too short for what we still intend to achieve.


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