Aleksandra Stojanović, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer At MK Group

Jubilee Year In The Spirit Of Investment In Business And Society

MK Group has announced large investments in business, as well as in social responsibility. This year, the company allocated one million euros for projects aimed at children and young people, their education and family support. Over 600,000 euros will be donated to kindergartens in the Adria region

Holding company MK Group is this year commemorating an important anniversary: 40 years of successful operations. A new three-year investment cycle has been announced to mark this occasion and will include investments of more than 1.6 billion euros in future projects in the fields of agriculture and the food industry, tourism and the real estate sector, and renewable energy sources, where MK Group has positioned itself among the regional leaders.

In addition to investing in the development of its operations, the company also invests continuously in the local communities in the areas where it operates throughout the region. It also has a particularly recognisable regional “Family Support” programme, which emerged out of a desire to help all employees who take on the role of being parents. As many as 790 families and more than 1,300 babies have to date been supported with a total of 400,000 euros. This programme was also expanded externally over the course of last year, when – together with AIK Bank – MK Group donated 700,000 euros to maternity wards across the entire Adria region, where approximately 16,000 babies are born each year. And this year will see donations provided for preschool institutions in the Adria region.

MK Group has built up its business over the course of four decades precisely on foundations of social responsibility and by caring for its 4,000 employees and local communities. Over the past five years, more than 500 projects have been implemented and five million euros has been invested in CSR activities. In this jubilee year, we are committing ourselves to allocating a million euros a year for these activities in the period ahead, because we believe that the best is yet to come,” says Aleksandra Stojanović

“We began commemorating the 40 years of MK Group’s operations in the most beautiful way: with gifts to children. In the spirit of the slogan “Celebrating the future”, we will this year donate more than a million euros through investments in children and the youth, who represent the future of the region. We have set aside 600,000 euros just for creches and nurseries in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia, to pay for their renovating, equipping and the improving of conditions under which children from ages one to six take their first steps and acquire new knowledge for the future,” noted Aleksandra Stojanović, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer At MK Group.

Nurseries in Serbia will be allocated 200,000 euros, with a focus on the municipalities in which MK Group operates: Vrbas, Bečej, Kovačica, Pećinci, Novi Sad, Raška, Golubac and Niš. In Montenegro, 100,000 euros will be donate to nursery schools in Podgorica and Budva, and in Slovenia, 150,000 euros are intended for nusery schools in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Koper, Izola and Portorož. A total of 160,000 euros will be allocated for Croatian nurseries in the cities of Zagreb, Umag, Šibenik and the municipality of Nerežišća on the island of Brač. The stage that’s currently underway includes the selection of individual nurseries and reaching agreement on specific purposes in accordance with high-priority needs, in order for the funds to be utilised in the best possible way. The goal of this humanitarian project, which MK Group is implementing together with AIK Bank, is to provide a happier childhood and upbringing for children in Serbia and around the region, through support to families – as the most important institution in today’s society.

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