Aleksandar Savović, Assistant Director For International Projects, GeoINOVA IT Engineering Banja Luka

Progress Based On Knowledge & Creativity

GeoINOVA is among the most respected developers of CAD and GIS integration on the platforms of Autodesk, representing their product specific reseller in our area. This company is simultaneously also a certified partner of Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle etc.

It was 20 years ago that GeoINOVA appeared with the innovative story of CAD- 2GIS, which is innovated five years ago with the introduction of BIM technologies, while it is today deeply engaged in IT support for the concept of smart cities and the sustainable development of infrastructure.

Your sophisticated solutions are basically related to the digitalisation and automation of planning processes, as well as the design, maintenance and management of spatial units and infrastructure systems. Who are your clients?

They are, first and foremost, almost all infrastructure companies operating on the territory of the Western Balkans.

For years already, INOVA TeleCAD-GIS, and our other solutions in the domain of telecommunications, have been at the core of the technical information systems of MTS Serbia, Telenor, Mtel Banja Luka, BH Telecom, Telemach, Mtel Podgorica and dozens of smaller companies that design, build or manage telecommunications networks and systems. These solutions, particularly those that specialise in optical networks, are now also sold in Western European countries and on other continents.

The customers of INOVA ElektroCAD-GIS include major companies operating in the electric power sector: Elektrokrajina, Elektroprivreda HZHB, Elektro-Hercegovina etc. Our latest product, INOVA RoadCAD-GIS, is used by all public transport companies in Bosnia- Herzegovina (FBiH Highways, RS Highways, RS Roads etc.). We are certain that RoadCAD-GIS will soon also be used by transport enterprises in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and elsewhere. INOVA AreaCAD-GIS is used by more than 70 municipal departments for spatial planning, urban landscape and architecture bureaus, as well as the institutes and ministries of cantons and territorial entities…

At GeoINOVA, there is ever-less of the practise of dividing engineering experience and software development between two people.

What makes your company specific?

Our partners are global technology leaders in the area of digital processing, vector graphics and databases. However, the specificity of GeoINOVA isn’t in the placement and applied upgrading of their products. The might and usability of our products is based on the accumulated knowhow of our engineers in the fields of telecommunications, civil engineering, architecture, urban planning etc., in combination with the creativity of our software developers. At GeoINOVA, there is ever-less of the practise of dividing engineering experience and software development between two people.

It was 20 years ago that we appeared with the innovative story of CAD2GIS, as a way to support the intelligent management of natural and infrastructure resources with engineering vector processing. We innovated that five years ago, with the introduction of BIM technologies.

Today, we are deeply engaged in IT support for the concept of smart cities and the sustainable development of infrastructure… In short, the GeoINOVA mission is to provide its associates, and those of its clients, with creative work in the most technologically advanced IT environments.

Is the best confirmation of your quality provided by the thousands of projects implemented with the help of your software, resulting in transparent economic benefits?

Our customers are the best recommendation for our products, while the clear benefits that help improve the competitiveness of customers on the market are a confirmation of our quality. Our products are constantly reconsidered with a view to integrated ISO standards covering the field of informatics, the rules of the Open GIS consortium and the European INSPIRE Directive for spatial information. Confirmation of our quality is provided by the fact that no significant user has ceased cooperating with us during the 20 years of GeoINOVA’s history, but also the fact that we generally win tenders in the domain of geoinformatics, provided the determining factor in selection includes the criteria and requirements of the World Bank, EBRD, UNDP, USAID etc.

Comment by Zoran Panović


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