Aleksandar Šajatović, Account Executive, Adriatic Region, Dell Technologies

The Digital Future Has Arrived

Technological development has been driving human progress – world poverty rates have dropped sharply, the number of illiterate people among youngsters has fallen by four million worldwide, while the number of people without access to banking has fallen by more than two million. A major role in that, among others, has been played by Dell Technologies

Companies need to be ready to take huge strides on the path to their own digital future. The challenges remain, and the next disruption could be at our door, explains Dell Technologies’ Aleksandar Šajatović, revealing how his company is handling these and other challenges.

Many companies are dealing with digital transformation and new technologies. What distinguishes Dell Technologies?

What distinguishes us in digital transformation is a transition that transcends technology and the fact that we are focused on the evolution of people and processes in creating a new culture with which we support our business partners and customers. Unlike some companies, Dell Technologies is focused on business results. 

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We promote and support an open architecture that utilises the existing investments of our customers. We have the most complete vision and offer, including a strategy, planning, data science, infrastructure and implementation. And we have been doing this for decades. No other company can make data work better than us, because we understand better than anyone else how to scale, manage and utilise large data sets.

It is increasingly certain that the pandemic will result in everyone having to adapt to new, different conditions for doing business. But aren’t there also positive sides to all of this?

A need emerged during the time of the pandemic to transform the workforce in order to maintain the same level of productivity, while it was enabled for people to work from any location, accessing applications and data anywhere and at anytime, along with improved productivity and worker satisfaction.

In the next year we plan to continue helping our customers adapt and creating a new way of working for their employees. From Dell Technology’s relevant product portfolio, the three basics of the service family that enable the transformation of workforces and help increase productivity are: VDI and end-user computing, digital workplace portals, communication and collaboration.

Initiating change in IT and business processes means creating new ways of working, and people sometimes resist change due to their nature.

Initiating change in IT and business processes means creating new ways of working, and people sometimes resist change due to their nature

How can we step into the digital future in the easiest and fastest way? How can your company help us in that?

Even decades after the start of digital transformation, digital organisations don’t know how to mature further. Technology has helped to define the human experience for centuries. By 2030, the partnership between humans and machines will have become deeper, richer and more extensive than ever before. We will be able to overcome our own limitations and open our lives up to new possibilities. As technologists, we have a deep impact on reshaping the way people work, live and play. Just look at how you called a taxi 10 years ago, booked airline tickets or reserved a hotel room… There was no Siri or Alexa to answer your questions; we’ve seen a transformation in business financing, technology and the workforce.

We are a testing ground for technologies that drive human progress. We helped the Cloud come to the fore, redefined the core and created an advantage in work. Every organisation should today be a digital organisation – driven by data and launched in a world of more clouds. The digital future has arrived and will only become more intense.


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