Aleksandar Milošević, CEO & Founder, 3AP

We Create a Unique Working Culture

3AP is a young Swiss company that has been actively engaged in the development of technologically advanced software solutions that bring together IT experts and other professionals. With an entrepreneurial mindset, they understand the needs of both small businesses and major companies

We encourage decision making and risk-taking, we try to provide a collaborative environment and culture where everyone contributes to the success of 3AP – this is what we can drive and do as a company, and to foster continuous learning, says 3AP CEO and founder Aleksandar Milošević.

What was the motive for opening the office in Serbia?

– A few 3AP founders have roots in Balkan so Serbia was a right place to create our second base and to continue with our vision – to establish a company where we can bring the experience we gained working with clients in Switzerland and all around the world. I personally believe very much in the mindset of people in Serbia as well as in Switzerland and in this company setting we can show and create a unique working culture which is very important for the next steps.

What are the differences and what are the similarities between the work cultures of Switzerland and Serbia?

– 3AP is in the sector of Information Technology (IT) so I can speak about our work, presence and philosophy since founding 3AP.

Even though both countries don’t have so many natural resources, Switzerland has a strong economy and Serbia is very successful in sports. I believe that an ambitious mindset is a thing that drives their success. Besides that, the engineering way of thinking is also very important to us and that’s something we found – and still find – in both countries.

Do you connect Switzerland and Serbia through projects and, if so, how?

– To achieve the demands sought of us, we have invented and established our own approach to delivering digital solutions to ourselves and our clients. We call it “Start-up in a Box”, and it represents a fusion of the disciplines required to bring an idea to life. In some cases, it is more technically driven, while in others it’s more organisational.

Do you agree that it’s important for employees to be both “pro” and “fit” if a company wants to generate a profit?

– That’s a nice play on words. The short answer is “yes, absolutely”. On the one hand, culture is key and provides the underlying base. On the other, having a holistic view of an undertaking is also key, whether it be establishing a company, running a project or anything else. And then the real work begins. 

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