Aleksandar Cvetić, CEO of BCM Trade D.O.O. (Ltd.)

BCM Trade Plans to Double Grain Exports By 2020

Building new storage capacities in Perlez, which is well connected with three ports, will enable faster and more competitive trade

BCM Trade operates in conjunction with all major companies in the country and the region, as well as 800 producers, which it connects directly with final customers in export, thus providing them with an opportunity to generate higher earnings and reduce delivery costs. Alongside trade, through cooperation, BCM Trade also provides farmers with the opportunity to expand their production.

BCM Trade is known as a reliable partner in the bulk purchase and export of grains and oilseeds. How many agricultural producers do you cooperate with and what conditions do you offer them? What are the benefits of cooperating with you?

– BCM Trade has been operating since 1992. Its core activity is trade and the export of grains/cereals. It works with all major companies in the countries of the region, as well as with multinational companies present on the Serbian market. The basic direction of our company’s development is towards mediation between small agricultural products and final customers in export. Such a way of doing business enables producers to gain higher prices for their products by avoiding intermediaries and reducing delivery costs to final customers. We are most present in the South Banat District. There are currently over 800 producers that cooperate with us.

BCM Trade also finances repro materials for their production and stocking their products. In which way is that realised?

– In addition to trade, BCM Trade also cooperates with agricultural producers, providing our collaborators with fertilisers and seeds, thus easing their financing of future production, which they sell on markets via our company. We also providing monetary financing for producers, primarily for the expansion of their production through the purchasing of new arable land areas, as well as new machines, which they repay by deducting from their future production.

Manufacturers can store their produce and sell at a time that they consider as being best for them. This is very important because through long-term cooperation we are familiar with one another, so procedures are reduced and the time needed to approve funds from us is much shorter than via banks and other financial institutions.

BCM Trade exported around 110,000 tonnes of grains/cereals in 2018, while our plan is to double the amount exported by 2020 with this investment

What warehousing capacities do you currently have at your disposal? Tell us more about the new distribution centre that’s currently being prepared for the opening – where is it located, what is its capacity, and what possibilities for the transport of goods does it have?

– BCM Trade, in addition to several bulk purchase points, owns silos in Idvor with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes. Final stage works are underway on the economy of Perlez, where we will have silos and warehouses with a capacity of 25,000 tonnes. Perlez will have a significant impact on the further development of our company because its location 60km from the ports of Novi Sad, Belgrade and Pančevo enables us to have a presence at all three ports. BCMTrade exported around 110,000 tonnes of grains/cereals in 2018, while our plan is to double the amount exported by 2020 with this investment.

Thanks precisely to this location, Perlez will be the right distribution centre for fertiliser producers and traders, because they will be able to store goods with us and to be directly present on the ground. Agricultural producers will be able to store their products in our warehouses and trade with it from there or exchange it for repro materials. We are also located at a crossroads, where we will have competitive transportation costs for the markets of Bosnia- Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Western Europe.

The most important thing is that we will be centrally located in the midst of our agricultural producer partners and that we will be in a position to provide them with a high level of services and long-term cooperation in mutual interest.

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