Maruša Kerč Vesel, Regional Executive Director At Kovintrade Celje; Director At Kovintrade Belgrade

Step Further On Progress

Kovintrade is a group that comprises the parent company, Kovintrade from Celje, and a network of subsidiaries with offices in 10 European countries, more than 6,200 customers and 1,200 suppliers in 50 countries. The group is proud of the fact that all its customers are also its strategic partners

Thanks to constant growth in turnover, there was a need to procure land and build new warehouses in the industrial zone in Kragujevac. The location itself permits the creating of major plans that include the opening of a retail outlet.

Kovintrade emerged in 1990, when the parent company was founded in Celje. What does your group consist of; where does everything operate and what are all the areas it deals with?

Yes, our company has existed for a full three decades, so the network of our suppliers and customers has been created over the course of many years. We progressed step by step, slowly, from a small trading company to a group that has a network of subsidiaries with offices in 10 European countries.

We’ve been present in Serbia since 2004, as a trading house focused on ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, metallurgical products; raw materials and cutting services. We are glad to be able to boast of a total of 600 active customers and the constant growth of turnover. We expanded our business in 2006 with the founding of the Steel Centre Kragujevac, where we have 1,800m2 of storage space, and five years ago we also opened a warehouse in Belgrade. A significant success factor on this development path is the creative and dedicated work of our employees. We are all jointly worthy of credit for the results, because we all share the same vision and all strive towards the same objective.

We are glad to be able to boast a total of 600 active customers and the constant growth of turnover

Quality, expertise, ethics, responsibility and credibility represent the main characteristics of your company. Are these your trump cards and your tools in striving to position the company among the leaders in the field of ferrous metallurgy?

Our wish is to be recognised for these characteristics, and our objective is to justify our slogan “Partner of knowledge and trust” at all times. Apart from products, we also offer our customers professional assistance, training and additional advice, so that they really have a good partner in us. One of the characteristics that is extremely important to us is flexibility, because our activities include not only sales, but also complete customer support in the form of delivery, materials cutting and keeping the entire range in stock, so that we can deliver day after day. Among other things, that is one reason for our new investment in Kragujevac.

Does your need to purchase land in Kragujevac show that Kovintrade Serbia occupies an important place in the group, in terms of results and plans?

All of our subsidiaries are equally important to us, and each of the 10 of them has a deservedly important place in the company, although we at Kovintrade Serbia have shown that a good team can take a step further on development and progress with hard work and great commitment.

Kovintrade has to date leased both warehouse and office space, and now we’ve bought 10,000 square metres of land in Kragujevac for the construction of new warehouses. This is a great location, in the Industrial Zone near the highway at the very entrance to Kragujevac. Thanks to that, we have major plans for the period ahead.

We entered into this investment due to the increased volume of business and stable growth in Serbia, as well as the need to offer our customers the best possible service.

Moreover, this warehouse will also be interesting for the needs of our sister companies from neighbouring countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina etc.), due to its attractive location and good connectivity.

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