Marica Bošković Petronijević, Managing Director, Work Space One

Work Space One More Than A Space

Work Space One is technically equipped according to the world’s highest standards. Functionally more perfect compared to other spaces of this type in Belgrade, it also has a very different interior. That’s what makes it different from usual co-working spaces

We develop an atmosphere of teamwork and dedication to work. We encourage exchanges of ideas and business connections. We organise gatherings, have fun and create an environment in which people feel satisfied, and thus more productive. Visit us and see for yourself!

Co-working spaces are increasingly present around the world and in our country, but Work Space One has a specific concept in Belgrade. What would you say to your future tenants and clients?

Work Space One [WSO] was created with the desire to be a home for renowned global and domestic companies, as well as anyone starting work as individuals or under the scope of their own start-ups. We sought inspiration in London, one of the centres of world business, and followed experiences there.

WSO isn’t just a space, but is composed primarily of people who build their businesses in our offices, or in a co-working space intended for individuals and in meeting rooms with state-ofthe- art video conferencing equipment. All of our tenants share a unique common area and a private garden equipped with comfortable seating, where they make new contacts. This is where business ideas are born while clients take coffee breaks, try home-made cakes and taste good wines, enjoy informal conversations and connect businesses.

How important is it for tenants that the space is innovative, comfortable and equipped with complete business infrastructure?

The space in which we work is extremely grateful in terms of location, functionality and aesthetics, while the vibe of the entire environment is important. WSO is located in the most modern and beautiful business complex, Green Heart, situated in the heart of Belgrade’s business world, which has excellent connections with the airport, hotels and restaurants. The facility we work in has a LEED Gold certificate, takes care of minimising energy consumption and also recycles.

Work Space One

People who opt for WSO value sustainability, design and professionalism. Another extremely important element is the fact that Green Heart belongs to company GTC, which is a leader in the world of real estate and has tenants that are eminent foreign and domestic companies. This is a business environment in which new businesses achieve maturity and existing businesses develop success. Having such business contacts at your fingertips is another reason why our clients opt for WSO.

The space in which we work is extremely important in terms of location, functionality and aesthetics, while the vibe of the entire environment is also important

Will an interest and need for personalised and co-working spaces grow as a result of the benefits they provide? What are the advantages of Work Space One compared to other co-working spaces?

Doing business successfully today relies on flexibility to a great extent. Considering that we work with independent entrepreneurs, but also with small and large companies, we are aware that everyone has distinct needs that we try to fulfil. As such, you can rent space in our co-working zone on a daily basis, rent the office of your dreams on a monthly basis, or organise meetings and presentations in conference rooms equipped to the highest standards. And we’ve also enabled undisturbed parking. We encourage exchanges of ideas and the connecting of businesses. I believe that our focus on our own success and the success of our tenants is recognised.

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