Ingram Micro, VMware SD-WAN For Hybrid Cloud

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VMware SD- WAN is one of the superior IT solutions that helps make best use of a company’s resources, to support a large number of operating systems and applications, building a strong and always available IT system. As such, it is the right choice for every company

Hybrid cloud combines the best of both public and private clouds – accessibility, elasticity, agility and cost benefits of the public cloud, along with the control, security and reliability of a private cloud. At the same time, if the user experience and performance of the applications deployed anywhere are not consistent while using either IT delivery model, the benefits of the hybrid cloud, or any cloud model, fall flat.

Ingram Micro logoTo support the transition to cloud while maintaining the desired user experience, enterprise network architects are re-evaluating the design of their wide area network (WAN) architectures to efficiently route internet traffic. In order to take advantage of inexpensive and ubiquitous broadband Internet services, customers are turning to software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN).

The cloud-delivered VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud® simplifies how traffic is directed and provides bandwidth optimisation for the branch without the complexity and effort of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). VMware SD-WAN enables direct access to applications deployed on public or private clouds for branch users through a distributed network of highly available VMware SD-WAN Gateways and the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator with branch VMware SD-WAN Edges.

The most important benefit of using VMware SD-WAN with VMC on AWS is that users receive all the features of VMware SD-WAN even when there is no VMware SD-WAN Edge installed at the AWS zones where VMware SDDC is deployed.

Unique to the VMware approach is the Dynamic Multi-path Optimisation (DMPO) technology that steers traffic on a per packet basis to the optimal path and mediates transmission degradation. The VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator offers a single pane of glass, enabling admins to define policies, deploy new services and monitor and manage all the deployed VMware SD-WAN Edges. The combination connects the user and application through a low latency and highly reliable path without any major change required from the customer side.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Customers across industries are accelerating their adoption of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and VMware infrastructure. Many of them want the ability to integrate their on-premises data centre environments with AWS using their existing tools and skill sets within a common operating environment based on familiar VMware software. VMware Cloud on AWS delivers on this promise by providing a unified infrastructure framework that bridges the gap between private and public clouds.

Optimising Connectivity with VMware SD-WAN

VMware Cloud on AWS provides a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that empowers users to enjoy the flexibility of public cloud, while at the same time controlling the distribution of workloads based on their business intent. Networks connecting the users and workloads, whether deployed on customer premises or on AWS, play a pivotal role in deciding the performance and experience for the end user. Connectivity to cloud-based applications over the last mile can be greatly enhanced by using VMware SD-WAN delivering a better user experience and real time visibility into application and network performance. VMware SD-WAN Edge logically aggregates all types of WAN connections emerging from branch offices or other remote locations, widening the bandwidth for applications.

The most important benefit of using VMware SD-WAN with VMC on AWS is that users receive all the features of VMware SD-WAN even when there is no VMware SD-WAN Edge installed at the AWS zones where VMware SDDC is deployed.

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