Top Paying Jobs in Finance

“Wolves of Wall Street” aren’t the only ones who can live an extraordinary life. In fact, there are many ways to make good money by dealing with financial assets and operations. The bestpaid professions are in both traditional finance and the rapidly-developing fintech sector

The top job of any financial systems manager is to focus on the maintenance and long-term security of software. They lead the development, implementation, and administration of an organisation’s financial systems, as well as researching financial record-keeping and reporting requirements and ensuring that systems are modified to meet these requirements. These professionals – typically highly educated in computer science, information systems, and management information systems – use their extensive background to ensure a company can actively and securely monitor key corporate transactions.

A chief compliance officer (CCO) is a part of the top leadership hierarchy within a company. Their role is to ensure both internal and external compliance, while these professionals also ensure adherence to rules and regulations set forth by local, state, and federal governing bodies, as well as ensuring employee and employer compliance with corporate moral, legal and other regulatory policies.

The main requirement for compliance officers is to have strong ethical principles. That’s crucial for their role, which is to help organisations manage risk, maintain a positive reputation and avoid lawsuits. Compliance officers also deal with educating the entire company and establishing corporate practises that will ensure the highest possible level of compliance.

The compliance position is part of the career chain: financial systems administrator – financial systems project manager – financial systems manager – financial systems director.

The top job of any financial systems manager is to focus on the maintenance and long-term security of software. They lead the development, implementation, and administration of an organisation’s financial systems

Actuaries use statistical techniques and mathematical skills to assess the probability of a certain outcome and its financial ramifications. They are the gurus of risk management and, as such, are extremely welcome in insurance, banking, corporate financial planning and investment management, with their unbeatable analytical skills.

A blockchain developer is a software developer who works specifically with blockchain technology. They are responsible for the full life cycle of blockchain applications, from research and analysis to design and execution. They utilise various programming languages to create interfaces, features and architecture for different purposes, such as payment processing.

Start-ups and fintech companies are ready to pay more to lure genuine talent. Governmental institutions also hire blockchain experts, though typically provide fewer benefits.

Financial Analyst duties include guiding the cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures; providing trends and forecasts; explaining processes and techniques; and recommending actions. They are also tasked with improving financial status by analysing results, monitoring variances, identifying trends and recommending actions to management; but also increasing productivity by developing automated accounting applications; coordinating information requirements and protecting operations by keeping financial information confidential.

source: payspacemagazine


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