Dušica Gaković, Project Lead, Deka Inženjering [engineering]

We’ll Revive The City

Deka Inženjering is a company that’s been operating on our market for nearly 10 years and is currently building more than 250,000 square metres of properties at the most attractive locations in Belgrade. As a safe and reliable partner in the field of civil engineering and investments, Deka continuously gains the trust of new clients

“With the construction of A Block, we positioned ourselves as an investor that is uncompromising in taking care of the quality of implemented works and which installs high-quality materials. We are improving that approach and quality with New Dorćol, offering an authentic space in the urban part of the city,” notes Ms Gaković

Following the successful completion of New Belgrade’s ‘A Block’ project, Deka Inženjering continues to invest in real estate and is building the New Dorćol residential and business complex in Belgrade city centre. What innovations is this project bringing to the real estate and housing market?

Considering that New Dorćol is being built at the heart of Belgrade, we had the serious and demanding task of integrating a modern residential and business complex into an existing urban environment. The location itself is rich in cultural and historical heritage – it was here that the “First Royal Privileged Enterprise for Hemp and Cotton Processing Aleksa Obradović” was built in 1897, and that represented the centre of the Kingdom of Serbia’s textile industry. After World War II, the David Pajić Daka Lift Factory was located here. Our goal was to preserve and integrate the historical elements of buildings from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, and to architecturally imbed them into the modern complex by building a real urban state-of-the-art project.

When it comes to the living space of the New Dorćol complex, it is designed to suit various lifestyles, providing the comfort of living in the urban part of the city, along with the feeling of privacy and maximum functionality. More than 500 modern and comfortable residential units, which are structurally divided into different sized apartments, represent the right space for modern families or individuals.

It is planned for the first apartments of the New Dorćol complex to be ready for residents to move in as early as July 2021

The first phase of construction encompasses six residential layers with apartments of different structures and retail units with various purposes. Located on the ground floor is a modern swimming pool and spa centre, while parking is provided on the underground levels. Under the scope of the first phase, plans include the finalisation of the reconstruction of the “Platnara”, which will gain a new, commercial purpose. We will thereby make this unique, historical building accessible to all Belgraders, and not exclusively to the residents of the complex, thus reviving a slightly forgotten part of Belgrade. The first apartments of the New Dorćol complex should be ready for residents to move in as early as July 2021.

What are the characteristics of Deka Inženjering’s new project? What makes New Dorćol a unique residential and business complex?

Contemporary construction projects should be based on the principles of sustainable development, satisfying a high level of energy efficiency and meeting today’s needs in a proper way. New Dorćol is a project that’s the result of this very type of construction, where high-quality facade finishings include a modern ventilated facade. Also applied to the complex are the latest technical-technological solutions in aluminium facade windows of the Schueco brand, with the high-quality surface rendering of aluminium profiles (powder coating), and modern barriers on balconies and French balconies, while windows with low parapets are made of tempered glass.

Alongside high-quality and attractive modern facades, the specificity of the urban ambience is reflected in the incorporated original elements of industrial architecture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tailored common outdoor spaces with carefully selected greenery, urban furniture on the first floor podium with controlled access for tenants only. The entire complex is monitored by internal CCTV video surveillance, while the facilities are secured 24/7 by a porter.

Dušica Gaković

All New Dorćol apartments will be supported by a smart home system, which enables the adapting of the apartment to the user. With the help of a smart device connected to the WiFi network, all functions throughout the entire apartment can be controlled very easily and comfortably, both when you are in the apartment and when you’re outside. The implementation of a smart home system enables a high level of energy efficiency through the control of heating and lighting, while providing security against intruders by simulating a presence.

The facilities of the New Dorćol complex adhere to modern form and design, and are positioned to enable a comfortable distance from neighbours and the maximum illumination of space within the apartments, which – you will agree – is more than challenging for a new building in a city centre that’s characterised by its cramped spaces. Every detail of what we do is directed towards delivering, before deadlines, a property that the customer will enjoy.

As a company that has behind it the successful completion of the A Block project, what kind of opinion do you have regarding the real needs of Belgrade for new residential units? Is today’s construction of residential and business complexes a need or a trend?

We are bearing witness to the expansion of numerous investments in the field of residential and business premises. The growth and development of this segment in recent years refers not only to the number of constructed square-metres, but also to the approach of investors to customers, as an increasingly demanding target group. What will probably additionally impact on the intensive growth and development of this area relates to the domain of improved legal regulations, more efficient administrative procedures and greater legal certainty for doing business and investing.

Every detail of what we do is directed towards delivering, before deadlines, a property that the customer will enjoy

The fact that apartments in residential and business complexes are even sold before the completion of construction works testifies to the fact that Belgrade has quite a large need for high-quality construction. We recognised the demands of the market at the very beginning of the construction of A Block and it was actually on the basis of this that we shaped the further direction of our progress and development, and it is in that direction that we are now implementing the New Dorćol project. With the construction of A Block, we positioned ourselves on the market as an investor who uncompromisingly takes care of the quality of works implemented and which installs high-quality materials. With New Dorćol we are improving that overall quality by offering an authentic living space that combines the modern and the traditional in the urban part of the city.

What are the advantages of buying an apartment directly from the investor? What benefits does Deka Inženjering offer to its customers, both of apartments and retail units?

In order to enable buyers to acquire their desired apartment in the New Dorćol complex as easily and quickly as possible, we formed an unusual mortgage offer that is being implemented during the construction phase. This completely unique offer for buyers of apartments is being realised in cooperation with Direct Bank and implies that buyers can raise a loan at a very reasonable interest rate already during this phase of construction. As for retail units, buyers will be able to complete purchases through a loan or lease. With a downpayment of 20% of the value of the premises, the rest of the price of the property is usually paid within a deadline of seven years in the case of a loan and 10 years in the case of leasing.

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