Dragan Dakić, Director, Montop Pro

Progress Requires Investment And Effort

Montop Pro is a company that provides services in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure and in the design and construction of data centres. In just a short period of time, this domestic company has established itself as a reliable and innovative partner in the construction of public facilities intended for various purposes

The beginning of this year saw Montop establish its academy for the development and education of installers specialised in optical networks, thus becoming the first company in Serbia to have an academy of this mind. According to company representatives, this was a logical move because their priorities are the development of employees, continuous education and training to handle future technological changes.

We are happy to be living in a time of unbelievable technological innovation. But are we aware that these innovations wouldn’t exist without the reliable infrastructure that represents their foundation and companies, like yours, that provide the required infrastructure?

Of course, this is precisely the priority motivation of our company – following rapid technological development with continuous progress. Apart from that, technological innovations make companies equal, given that they reduce the competitive advantage of some – even those that are best positioned – and lead to other companies standing out. Thanks to the fact that it took advantage of technological changes, Montop established a leading position for itself as a company and has thus been recognised as a reliable partner by some of the largest companies in the world of telecommunications.

You have an excellent team, state-of-the-art equipment, partnership relations with suppliers, knowhow and experience … Which of those is crucial for the survival, development and progress of a company, and particularly for gaining a leadership position?

The synchronisation of everything you’ve mentioned is a condition for achieving a leadership position. Progress requires investment, effort and a constant search for new ways to respond to the growing needs of clients. Moreover, it is crucial to be innovative in work and to monitor trends in order to maintain consistency in business. At the same time, such an approach is a guarantee of a company’s progress and inevitably propels it into a leading position.

Highly sophisticated equipment is a guarantee of the reliability of our system, while the progress of the company is dependent on the knowhow and abilities of employees

Highly sophisticated equipment is a guarantee of the reliability of our system. The survival, development and progress of the company is certainly dependent on the knowhow and abilities of employees, and it is for this very reason that employee development, continuous education and training for future technological changes have the highest ranking in the hierarchy of Montop’s priorities as a company.

It was for these reasons that Montop founded its academy for the development and education of installers specialised in optic networks at the beginning of this year, thereby becoming the first company in Serbia to have its own academy of this kind.

You have been engaged in the construction of several hundred kilometres of access networks in all parts of Serbia. Is client satisfaction your best recommendation and reference?

It is certainly one of the main postulates of our company, i.e. a satisfied client and recommendation from them is the best marketing one can receive. We attach special importance to this. The route to client satisfaction is in the way of working according to a model based on global companies in the world of telecommunications, so we distinguish ourselves from other companies with which we compete and raise the bar in terms of quality and quantity in the field in which we engage. That’s why it is important for us to be sure that, through our active work and relations with the client, we have created an experience of high client satisfaction.

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