Vladimir Vasojević, Belchim Crop Protection SRB d.o.o.

Innovative Approach In Agriculture With Professional Crop Protection

Our ultimate goal is to be part of producing better and safer food together. By understanding the real needs of the local market, and with a team of dedicated people, we serve agricultural producers professionally in achieving good yields and high quality crops

Belchim has a knowledge base from the most agriculturally advanced European countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany.

This great potential is used to familiarise a growing number of agricultural producers from Serbia with advanced agricultural technologies.

Your company is working constantly on the development and implementation of new technologies and simultaneously expanding its business. Do you have different products for each market or are there some universal products?

We believe in a professional approach to plant protection and believe that new solutions must be available to every diligent agricultural producer. Although we are an international company, we consider that there are no universal solutions for all markets, especially in such a complex economic sector like agriculture.

Our solutions are the result of several decades of monitoring and research under realistic conditions because plant protection is a dynamic area of agriculture that requires a holistic approach, rapid adaptation and flexibility. We have combined functional knowledge and the quality of our innovative products in the concept of professional plant protection and that’s why we have results.

You are also known for your Pro Start technology. What reflects its revolutionary nature?

Belchim develops professional solutions in all branches of plant production: winegrowing, fruit growing, vegetable and field crop cultivation. We are proud that we have managed, in a relatively short period of time, to provide our agricultural producers with access to advanced technologies, in particular for the protection of crops.

What is revolutionary is that we observe things from the initial premise that plant growth is not possible without the proteins that are the foundation of life. There are two reasons why we cultivate oilseeds, soy and sunflower: oil and proteins, both for human consumption and animal fodder.

For us, there are no small and big market segments or small and big producers, rather only optimal solutions that can help improve the competitiveness of our country’s agriculture

Traditional approaches to the protection of these cultures are based on the application of herbicides, which prevent the development of harmful weeds on the one hand, while on the other hand, they prevent the synthesis of proteins in cultivated crops.

This harmful effect often isn’t taken into consideration, as it is not seen with the naked eye. With the development of the revolutionary PROStart™ technology and application of the innovative ‘Proman’ formula, we have enabled our agricultural producers to preserve the protein balance from the start, with the application of herbicides. This means a good yield, but also the highest levels of protein and oil.

When will we approach average European yields in the agrarian sector?

Serbia is a country with a lot of potentials. In my work to date, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a lot of high-quality people from the agricultural sector across Europe. On the basis of that, I can say that we have both knowledge and experience; that we can keep pace with world trends and accept those technologies that can rank us highly in the world game when it comes to achieving high yields.

There are already serious professional producers in Serbia and companies that are involved in this game, and which have already reached the very top with their excellent yields and product quality.

Our role, at least as we see it, is to share and connect as much as possible, doing everything in our power to help producers who can make advancements. Only in that way can we count on average yields being better, and we see this as a huge challenge.

Vladimir Vasojević, Belchim Crop protection SRB

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Vladimir Vasojević, Belchim Crop Protection

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