Stevan Gadol, Director At Ferry Agent d.o.o.

Responsibility & Efficiency Lead To Success

Ferry Agent is a specialised road haulage company from Serbia. Alongside freight forwarding, it offers clients warehousing services for all types of goods, customs brokerage and clearance of goods within 24 hours of the arrival of a shipment in Belgrade

Our clients have information about the movement of consignments at any moment and know when goods will arrive at their destination. It is important to us that they feel secure in working with us, because that sets us apart from the competition and gives us an advantage

You are focused on the demanding UK market, where you have operated since the company’s establishment. How have you managed to achieve a leading position in less than 10 years?

– We achieved a leadership position by approaching each client with the same attention and energy, not differentiating in any way between small and big clients. Both are equally important to us. In addition to that, I think that the responsibility we show in our work, which is our basic principle, has also set us apart from others and brought us great results. This means that each client received from us everything that we promised and that we have fulfilled every contractual demand, even if that came at our own expense.

Client satisfaction has always been our top priority. The slogan “the client is always right” has been our guiding star and that’s why our clients have always shown trust in us, returned and served as the best recommendation for our dedicated work. It will seem unbelievable to some that we have achieved this great success with almost no marketing base, rather only thanks to dedicated work and the recommendations of satisfied clients.

We have become members of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, while the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia has included us in the club of successful small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia, which – alongside satisfied clients – is another indicator of the quality of our work

You organise the transportation of all types of goods, from deep-frozen foods requiring a special temperature regime, through excisable and perishable goods, to ordinary commercial products. How long are your transit periods and delivery times?

– Yes, you’re right. We organise transports of a wide range of goods, just as you stated. We always strive to utilise the best logistics solution to provide the shortest possible transit period for each client. For partial truckload (PTL) and groupage services, we organise three to five departures on a weekly basis, with a delivery deadline of up to seven days, which represents an extremely short transit period. For full truckload (FTL) services, the transit period is up to five days, and on average we deliver goods from the UK within a deadline of five to seven working days.

Can your customers also count on the warehousing and customs clearance of goods?

– Yes. We have leased/service warehouse space in London, as well as at “Kvantaš”, near the Belgrade Terminal, which we use for the needs of clients who don’t have their own warehouse facilities. We also provide brokerage services in customs procedures for clients who need customs clearances for their goods. We perform both activities as an inclusive service, and as part of our overall logistics services.

Are there any other advantages that provide clients with additional security when transporting goods?

– We have a haulage liability insurance policy, so our clients are additionally insured, without any additional costs, against any possible shortcoming that might arise from our side. We assume direct communication with suppliers and customers in the organisation of transport, so in this way, we unburden the client of the need for additional communication and also ease our own work.


Stevan Gadol, Director, Ferry Agent d.o.o.

Logistics Accomplishment

Ferry Agent is a road transport company that’s focused on the UK market, where it has been operating since its inception 15 years ago....

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