Natalija Racković, Director of V+O Communication

Dedicated to New Trends

V+O Communication is a leading consulting company in the field of communications in Southeast Europe, with offices in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Cyprus. They are also present in Brussels, which is a centre of strategic importance for all EU issues, as well as Nigeria, which has one of the world’s fastest growing economies

V+O Communication has been operating in Serbia for almost a decade and bases its work on experts of various profiles from multiple industries, especially the field of environmental protection, the FMCG sector and the health and nutrition industries.

You operate in almost all SEE countries and offer a complete service with your 150 experts from almost all areas of communications. However, what would you present as your core business?

As regional partners and consultants to numerous corporations, governments, institutions, organisations and their leaders, we cover an entire array of services in the field of consulting and communication, providing support to more than 120 companies. Although we use international know-how, we understand the local market very well, and all challenges faced by companies on it.

There is no longer such a clear division of services as there once was, rather now you need to combine several approaches in order to provide proper support to the client. You must start from a good understanding of the needs of clients and your strategic approach, in order to satisfy that need. Then you need to use different PR tools, such as media relations, public affairs, CSR, internal communications, digital, event management etc. All of this together comprises integrated communications, which is precisely our approach to communications.

V+O Communication is part of a group and has a wealth of local experience, which in Serbia dates back to 2008. During that time we have implemented a large number of campaigns and organised more than 1,000 of the most varied events

What are global trends like in the field of communications? Are they changing and, if so, in which direction?

Communications are very dynamic and you must monitor all of the changes brought by modern times. Most change happens in the digital segment. Evermore campaigns are precisely designed and conducted through these channels. On the other hand, you have consumers who have become increasingly more sophisticated and who know exactly what they want.

They have also become supersaturated with the standard ways of placing information, which represents a major challenge for all of us in the profession when it comes to determining which method to use to catch their attention. It is precisely all of these changes that force us to constantly improve, research, innovate and change.

Impacting on all of this is our alertness and dedication to monitoring new trends and combining them adequately, with the aim of pushing back the boundaries of professionally dealing with communications, all of which makes a difference for the client and the whole society.

Where are your strengths in comparison with similar agencies?

Apart from being part of a group, V+O Communication has a wealth of local experience, given that it has been operating in Serbia since 2008. During that time we have implemented a large number of campaigns and organised more than 1,000 of the most varied events.

Although we have communications experts that are able to cover the most diverse industries, during operations we have profiled ourselves as a consulting company for several industries and fields, such as environmental protection, where we have vast experience.

We created the communication plan for EU Accession Negotiation Chapter 27, led strategic consultations about the introduction of primary waste separation, implemented numerous awareness-raising campaigns and led communications for a variety of clients in this field.

The second segment in which we have vast experience relates to the FMCG industry and health and nutrition topics supported by this industry. Experience in managing awareness-raising campaigns with the NGO sector, various institutions and under the patronage of Ministries, is something that has set us apart in this specific area. Also, as of recently, we are also part of the excellent “Future #for5” campaign”, which deals with youth empowerment.

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